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Most hivi karibuni sasisho made on 7 December 2007.

This is an expansion of the foramu thread, link, listing all the significant characters on the onyesha and a brief description of what we know about them as of the most hivi karibuni episode. This means that this is chock-full of spoilers, and should not be read kwa anyone who hasn't seen all the episodes au doesn't want to find out about character developments outside of the pacing of the onyesha itself.

OK, with that caveat, here's the list, divided into three sections: characters with powers, characters without powers, and deceased characters. I've included only...
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Heroes fight au flight 6min preview
fight au flight
episode 5
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So gruesome wewe sometimes can't look, so real wewe double-take, and so essential to the quality of the onyesha that it wouldn't be what it is without them. The make-up effects used in Heroes are in a whole league of thier own. From graphic autopsy thrillers to extremely nasty burns, so much of what wewe see is real-life make-up and prosthetic effects. Heading the team that break bones, mangle hands and scar faces is the shows make-up producer and designer, GLENN HETRICK. He was zaidi than happy to talk to the Heroes magazine and reveal some tricks of the trade...

Claire vs. The Garbage disposal
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