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 holly Dale
Holly Dale
This episode was dircted kwa first time Heroes director, holly Dale!

Holly’s credits:

I’m going to keep this one short. An cold took me down over the American Thanksgiving holiday and I'm prepping to direct Episode 19 so I have limited my time.

Only one au two notes:

The guys at Optic Nerve created a really cool appliance for Zach Quinto for the moment when Jack Coleman slits his throat. We shot film of Jack really cutting this appliance which gushed blood. It was freaky. But in post-production we found it zaidi powerful to have Jack do the slice off-stage in a close up and then cut wide for...
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muziki video
elle bishop
kristen kengele
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Sneak Peek Heroes 3X03 ONE OF US ON OF THEM
season 2
season 3
sneak peek
Video about Elle, Peter and Claire)) Peter loves Elle, but Claire wants to destroy this relationship... Music: "Girlfriend" kwa Avril Lavigne))
season 2
muziki video
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