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  • Female, 19 years old
  • New Mexico
  • Favorite TV Show: Madoka magica, Fullmetal alchemist, Serial experiments Lain, weeb trash
    Favorite Musician: Disturbed, bauhaus, godsmack, dawn of demise, joy division, the smiths, papa roach, backstreet boys
    Favorite Book or Author: yes
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Bratz4life alisema …
wewe are annoying. wewe alisema Banjos all the way. Japanese muziki uses Banjos as well. That and only a retard would confuse Chinese and Japanese together. Grow up. wewe are like a child who learned a new word. ANd won't stop saying it. Weeb/Weeaboo. Get a life. And leave other people alone. Jerk. I tried being nice to you. :/ ilitumwa masaa 10 yaliyopita
Bratz4life ametoa maoni…
P.S. quit being racist to other Nations. You're no better than they are. And what wewe gotta get butthurt and tell me off again? Grow up! :/ masaa 10 yaliyopita
You-R-not-alone alisema …
thanks for the add back coolest mom to be😘 ilitumwa masaa 20 yaliyopita
kingcesar67 alinipa heshima za my comments
You’re awesome! I upendo your sense of humor! ilitumwa siku 2 zilizopita