fanpopping tangu March 2012

  • Female, 20 years old
  • Albania
  • Favorite TV Show: Les Misérables(anime),Alpen Rose,The Rose of Versailes,Little Princess Sara,Ayashi No Ceres,Fushigi Yûgi,Saint Seiya,Hokuto no Ken,Captain Harlock
    Favorite Movie: The Man Who Laughs,Casablanca,A Place in the Sun,Mildred Pierce,Waterloo Bridge,The Wolfman,Broken Lance,The Black Swan,old Barbie films
    Favorite Musician: Europe,Whitesnake,Scorpions,Deep Purple,Rainbow,Nazareth,Little Richard,Vixen,Ancient Bards,Almora,Evanescence,Within Temptation,Tarja
    Favorite Book or Author: Les Misérables
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SilentForce alisema kuhusu yui1234
Joined :D ilitumwa masaa 3 yaliyopita
yui1234 ametoa maoni…
Thank wewe so much! masaa 2 yaliyopita
SilentForce ametoa maoni…
you're welcome ^_^ masaa 2 yaliyopita
yui1234 ametoa maoni…
I have also joined your club:) lisaa moja 1 lililopita
SilentForce ametoa maoni…
Thanks :D lisaa moja 1 lililopita
yui1234 alinipa heshima za my pop quiz questions
Thank wewe for the add!
I added wewe back:) ilitumwa masaa 4 yaliyopita
yui1234 ametoa maoni…
Nice background pic:D masaa 4 yaliyopita
TheLefteris24 alinipa heshima za my videos
I believe that has been made apparent quite a while ago. Honestly, it is salama to assume it is a aliyopewa that the Admins have abandoned this Website. They simply neglected to make an Official Announcement XD

Anyway, glad to know. Looking mbele to see your even further progress. Of course, it is a aliyopewa that Aoi has always been a Cinnamon Roll. It is just that those feels got amplified in here XD She made quite the progress in general and I really loved witnessing that... ilitumwa masaa 18 yaliyopita
TheLefteris24 ametoa maoni…
As for Mukuro, I recall relating her to wewe during the earlier days I was coming to get to know you. Your quiet, stoic and fierce at times nature always reminded me of her indeed. Putting that aside, yeah, I certainly don't see wewe as the submissive one. I believe it is guaranteed that Junko would like what wewe could do. Such death from your sister's hand screams Despair indeed XD That being said, there are a few other Members I could relate with Mukuro as well. In general, she reminds me of various Fanpoppers on here. Here's something that I'm wondering. Seeing the Series so far yourself, which Characters could wewe see yourself relating the most? masaa 18 yaliyopita