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  • Female
  • Favorite TV Show: Doctor Who,Sherlock,Spongebob,Broadchurch
    Favorite Movie: A Hard Days Night, Help
    Favorite Musician: Michael Jackson,Bruno Mars, Sam Smith, Adele, Sam Cooke, Lady Gaga,Imagine Dragons,Green Day,The Beatles
    Favorite Book or Author: The Flappers Series,Doctor Who? Book Series
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.🌸 *🌸 ◥ ilitumwa masaa 9 yaliyopita
yorkshire_rose ametoa maoni…
Always bee happy Kt 🌸 masaa 9 yaliyopita
yorkshire_rose ametoa maoni…
For all your lovely maoni and your continuous support 🌸 masaa 9 yaliyopita
ktichenor ametoa maoni…
Thank wewe so much! :)) masaa 9 yaliyopita
yorkshire_rose alinipa heshima za my comments
╰┻╯╰╯╰╯┻╰╮ ilitumwa siku 3 zilizopita
ktichenor ametoa maoni…
Thank you, wewe too! :)) siku 3 zilizopita
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Thank wewe for being my friend. wewe will always be my friend because you're so kind and sweet and I really like wewe a lot. I wish wewe all the best in life, my friend. ilitumwa siku 6 zilizopita
ktichenor ametoa maoni…
Aww, thank wewe so much! :D siku 6 zilizopita