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  • Female, 21 years old
  • Australia, mate
  • Favorite TV Show: Merlin, Sherlock
    Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings, nyota Wars, The Princess Bride. And since there's no 'games' option: The Elder Scrolls series <3
    Favorite Musician: Stromae, Adele, Tim Minchin, Sia, Hilltop Hoods, Hans Zimmer, Beethoven, Coldplay, LotR OST, The Moon and the Nightspirit
    Favorite Book or Author: HARRY POTTER <3 <3, GoT, The Book Thief, The Inheritance Cycle, The Shadowmarch series, Ranger's Apprentice
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Mauserfan1910 alisema …
HOLY SHIT YOURE ALIVE I WAS WORRIED wewe GOT EATEN kwa A kangaroo, kangaruu buibui au SOME SHIT1111 Yeah, I've never had kangaroo, nor have I ever seen it in stores. I've had plenty of deer, cow, american bison, pig, raccoon, squirrel, duck, goose,rabbit, turkey, chicken, and even duck, but never kangaroo. The amerian bison (we call it buffalo here in the US, but I hear other countries use buffalo to refer to some African creature that I've never eaten) is ilitumwa siku 22 zilizopita
Mauserfan1910 ametoa maoni…
one of those things that sounds zaidi delicious than it is. My dad raises several as a hobby and we get to eat it after one dies, and even though it should inspire some kind of patriotism being able to eat such an important part of American history, but really, I'm glad we switched to cows. It's bland, has all the fatty goodness of cardboard. siku 22 zilizopita
Mauserfan1910 ametoa maoni…
I'm doing well, my dad is officially retiring from being the main ranch boss and he's been training me to reign in his stead. I also broke my phone and I won't be getting a replacement until tomorrow so that sucks. I'm also like 99% sure that I'm pregnant too, but I'm really scared to take a test. I mean, I've been trying to get pregnant so it's not like this is unwanted, but now that it might actually be happening I'm kind of freaking out siku 22 zilizopita
Mauserfan1910 ametoa maoni…
I can't even imagine what living a suburban lifestyle would be like. I've driven around suburbs before, maybe it's because my truck is absurdly large, but it's hard, and people get impatient for the shittiest stuff. I had someone honk at me zaidi than once because I was pulling away too slowly from a light, but it takes a sekunde to engage a clutch on a manual, and diesel trucks are just slow lumbering beasts, that's just the nature of engines that run at low RPMs. if I really wanted to go fast, I could have brought my husband's 1956 thunderbird, then I'd outrun any of those white punda moms' Ford Explorers au Subaru Foresters. au I could even bring my F-100 that I'm totally restomodding with a 1992 Windsor V8 and twin turbochargers siku 22 zilizopita
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You've got a decent collection yourself. It may not be much, but you're off to a good start. ilitumwa siku 22 zilizopita
Mauserfan1910 alisema …
*eats one while driving my truck down route 66 and brandishing a bunduki and opening a bud lite*
praise our Lord Donald Trump ilitumwa mwezi moja 1 uliopita