Niko Zguri

fanpopping tangu December 2012

  • Male, 20 years old
  • Tirana, Albania
  • Favorite TV Show: Smallville
    Favorite Movie: Alpha and Omega franchise; Nolan's "The Dark Knight" triology; The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit trilogy; Zootopia; most Pixar sinema
    Favorite Musician: Dr Dre, Eminem, D12
    Favorite Book or Author: Harry Potter vitabu
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TimberHumphrey alisema kuhusu Alpha and Omega
i'm surprised this place isn't 100% dead, 'cause some of wewe are still here lol ilitumwa siku moja 1 iliyopita
TheRavenMcoker ametoa maoni…
Cause I ain't leaving my childhood past masaa 13 yaliyopita
ben15delas ametoa maoni…
wewe have to eventually. masaa 10 yaliyopita
ben15delas ametoa maoni…
Agreed masaa 8 yaliyopita
TimberHumphrey alisema kuhusu Alpha and Omega
"yeah, wewe didn't know papa was a Rolling Stone, did ya?"
"you didn't get that reference, did ya? okay"

oh look! Tom Kane's trying to break the fourth wall. real cute, Tom! ilitumwa siku 5 zilizopita
TimberHumphrey alisema kuhusu Alpha and Omega
dead franchise is dead lol ilitumwa siku 5 zilizopita
pabloescaval ametoa maoni…
deader than dead siku 3 zilizopita
QueenWhiskey ametoa maoni…
Deader then Myspace? :p siku 3 zilizopita