愛 I'm just Gaara / MP100 trash don't mind me :v

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  • Female, 116 years old
  • ೋ D e a d, (RIP)
  • Favorite TV Show: ღ Naruto/Shippuden | My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (i guess) | Ęverybody Hates Chris | Mob Psycho 100 📺
    Favorite Movie: .•° Inception (2010) ~ The Last: Naruto the Movie ~ Let It Shine ~ Mean Girls °•. 🎥
    Favorite Musician: 🎶 Itro & Tobu -- Linkin' Park 📻
    Favorite Book or Author: 💖 1001 Ways to be Creative / Durarara!! light novel / Naruto / Death Note: Another Note / Ansatsu Kyoushitsu / MP100 📚
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I'm fine just a bit nervous because I'm going to have an exam tomorrow :P.Btw,I wanted to tell that I actually watched the first episode of"Mob Psycho 100". ilitumwa masaa 11 yaliyopita
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Hello Candy(I'm going to call wewe this lol),how are wewe today? ilitumwa masaa 15 yaliyopita
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You're welcome, if wewe need anyone to talk to; I'm here :)
Don't worry, I'm sure the time comes wewe know what career wewe would choose, I spent 3 years on being a hairstylist; but I feel it's time to change cause I think it's not really suited best for me :/

Yayy, anime for life! What anime do wewe like other than Naruto? ilitumwa siku moja 1 iliyopita