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cruella alisema kuhusu Disney Princess
Well, I saw Cars 3 and I have to say, even as a die-hard Cars fan, I was pretty disappointed. I don't hate it but it's not really as good as the first two IMO. *SPOILERS* For one thing the first half of it is BORING! I get that a big part of the plot is that Lightning is trying to decide rather he should keep racing au retire, because he feels like he can't keep up with the new race cars. (Continued in comments) ilitumwa siku 22 zilizopita
cruella ametoa maoni…
But over an saa of the movie, is him talking to himself, and thinking about what he should do and if he should keep racing au not. Another problem it has is the new heroine, Cruz (not Sally, Lightning's girlfriend au Holley Mater's love-interest from Cars 2). Yeah, they decided it needed another heroine, so they added Cruz, (Lightning's trainer) and she is whiny, annoying and stupid. She has, what is supposed, to be tragic backstory about how it's her dream to be a race car, and how she was always the fastest kid in town. Yet, she doesn't know how to drive on dirt. Idiot, if wewe were the fastest kid in town how did wewe win any races without going on dirt?! And on juu of that, the the only reason she wasn't able to live out her dream is she was scared of the competition. Also the ending sucked, because Lightning up and decides mid race that he's going quit and let Cruz take his spot. She, of course wins, and basically gets her dream handed to her with little work. siku 22 zilizopita
cruella ametoa maoni…
And something that I found confusing was all through the movie, Doc would appear and give Lightning advice. My guess is that he was supposed to be remembering advise the was aliyopewa to him before Doc died, but the way it was shown it looked like either Doc's ghost was appearing au Lightning was seeing things. *END SPOILERS* Like I said, I don't hate it but I have some pretty mixed feelings about it. And I'm afraid, I only recommend it to my fellow Cars mashabiki who want to see how the story is progressing, not to somebody just looking for a fun movie. siku 22 zilizopita
deedragongirl ametoa maoni…
Although I'm not a shabiki of the trilogy, I don't seem to be bother kwa it anyway. siku 20 zilizopita
cruella alisema kuhusu Disney Princess
Alight judges of the Disney sequel contest, sorry about the delay. I've been busy with some personal things, but it's running again. And if wewe have not already please cast your vote for round 12, best concept art.


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