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  • Female, 26 years old
  • Bilbao, Spain
  • Favorite TV Show: GOT, Reign, Outlander, Vikings, Izombie, Orphan Black, Bates Motel, Shameless, Daredevil, HTGAWM, Penny Dreadful
    Favorite Musician: A7X, The Pretty Reckless, BMTH, Delain, Halestorm, Of Mice & Men, Mallory Knox, Lacuna Coil, Sum 41, Tonight Alive
    Favorite Book or Author: The Pillars Of The Earth, A Song Of Ice And Fire, kiti cha enzi of Glass, Charley Davidson, Liane Moriarty's books
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drewjoana alinipa heshima za my images
Hi Hun!!!!

How are you? Who's the guy in your icon, I have been to ask you. It's a great one (:
Yes I rememenber I had a Chloe/Lucifer ikoni but back then I haven't even watched S2. Sometimes I spoil myself, wewe know that. I am now on ep. 13, almost ending the season. S3 better come now!!!! ilitumwa siku 6 zilizopita
drewjoana ametoa maoni…
Oh dear, wewe know what, I just saw Mr. Mercedes pilot. I freaking loved it. I meant it, it was best pilot I saw on 2017. I am already hooked. I just loved Brendan Gleeson, he is such an outstanding actor, right? I was glad they pick such a strong actor for the main role. siku 6 zilizopita
drewjoana ametoa maoni…
Sometimes I feel that some shows need to have a much older guy as a main character don't wewe think? Thats what I felt about Mr. Mercedes. For example, I would upendo if Setrakian on The Strain could be zaidi of a main one, he such a great figure, wewe know. So much story behind his character. siku 6 zilizopita
drewjoana ametoa maoni…
Hugs Hun**** siku 6 zilizopita
sunshinedany alinipa heshima za my images
Loving your profile. Also, the banner and background karatasi la kupamba ukuta gorgeous ! ilitumwa siku 7 zilizopita
Stelena-Finchel alinipa heshima za my polls
I'm glad!!
Ah, okay! I know where you're up to now!! I won't spoil anything!!! :)
I miss Verity!! Precious bean, I need zaidi scenes with her. I upendo Aunt Agatha too! Sassy queen! I upendo Demelza also, along with Dwight, drake and Morwenna. I upendo Prudie too!
I agree! I can't stand Elizabeth au George! There are some moments I feel sorry for George but I quickly get over it :') I think you'll see why soon! I've never liked Elizabeth, her scenes annoy me to no end! ilitumwa siku 7 zilizopita
Stelena-Finchel ametoa maoni…
I also loved Francis so much, still not over his fate! I cried so much, wewe have no idea siku 7 zilizopita
Stelena-Finchel ametoa maoni…
It'll take me a long time to forgive Ross, I think. He really deserved that slap from Demelza last season! I'm glad they changed the scene a little from what it is in the book but then again, I kinda wish they didn't? They wanted to keep the 'hero' side of Ross but his betrayal to Demelza was enough to break that hero vibe for me siku 7 zilizopita