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I don't have the balance
Think I'm gonna fall
Wish I had the talent
I don't belong here at all

Drowning in the pressure
In over my head
Why did I think I could do this?
I could've walked away instead

Now this is my chance to break free
Everything's depending on me
And if I keep trying I'll be
On juu of the world

Where I can see everything before me
Reaching up to touch the sky
On juu of the world
All of my dreams are rushing toward me
Stretching out my wings to fly
On juu of the world

On juu of the world

Nothing's gonna break me
Gonna get it right
Even if it takes me
Doing it a thousand times

Trying once...
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Queen Isabella is a deceased character in Barbie: Princess Charm School . But she never had an appearance except through portraits.She is the biological mother of Blair Willows. After attending the Princess Charm School and passing the semester, Isabella was crowned the princess of Gardania, and Gardania's magical crown glowed on her head, as she was the true heir. Her sister-in-law Dame Devin, who was a lottery winner, wanted to be Isabella's lady royal, but Isabella did not pick her. This led to Dame Devin holding a grudge against Isabella.
At some point, Isabella married Reginald, and they had a daughter who they named Sophia. They also owned a loyal, shy dog named Prince. When Sophia was a mwaka old, Isabella and Reginald were killed in a car crash. The crash was the result of a well-executed plan kwa Dame Devin to elimate Isabella, so her daughter Delancy could rule Gardania instead. Dame Devin and Delancy lived in the royal palace from then.
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juu of the world
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