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Breaking Dawn The Movie Swali

what's with the pop quize questions?

I mean the movie is not even out yet, and there are already maswali like
'Who alisema "This conversation can wait." ?
'who said" pick on some one your own size'
'Who alisema "I didnt hear a knock" ?
just name a few, are those lines going to be in the movie?
Isin't this club about the movie?
Well I get maswali like
'what is Edward and bella's daughters full name'
Most quizes are about lines in the book,which is really annoying .

 princessAries posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Breaking Dawn The Movie Majibu

fatoshleo said:
ok to answer your question:
i agree about what wewe said. some of the maswali in the chemsha bongo here aren't about the movie but about the book. and this spot is for the movies, yet there are some essential things "spoilers" from the book which are the same from the movie.
as for the quotes, i have ilitumwa a couple of quizes about nukuu i took from the trailers of BD so far, nothing from the book.

if it bothers you, wewe can always ripoti the maswali as "bad question" au "inaproperiate"
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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
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