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posted by VeeTruLxi
bila mpangilio Moments
1. Don’t Go *Future*
“Don’t go.”
Chip turned and saw his best friend Davy staring at him with a pleading look in his eyes. Chip winced under the stare.
Davy continued to stare at him. “I know wewe want to go, I know, and…I understand…”
Chip gave Davy a funny look.
Davy tried to think of something quick to not seem like a baby. “And I uh, um…Well, you’ll come back, I guess…So…” Davy put out his paw to shake Chip’s wing. “Bye…”
Chip stared at Davy’s outstretched paw. “Dude, wewe think I’m going to migrate?”
“Um, well uh…”
“And a handshake...
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"Keep Holding on"
You're not alone, together we stand, I'll be kwa your side, wewe know I'll take your hand, When it gets cold and it feels like the end, There's no place to go, wewe know I won't give in, No, I won't give in, Keep holding on, 'Cause wewe know we'll make it through, we'll make it through, Just stay strong, 'Cause wewe know I'm here for you, I'm here for you, There's nothing wewe could say, nothing wewe could do, There's no other way when it comes to the truth, So keep holding on, 'Cause wewe know we'll make it through, we'll make it through, So far away, I wish wewe were here, Before...
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(This contains strong language, but it's censored. Viewer discretion is still advised. For 13+)

Madi: 14
Cam: 15

Cam's mouth dropped open.

"You have an ex-boyfriend?!" Cam asked, beyond surprised.

"No, I have a pet goldfish calling me. Of course I have an ex-boyfriend!" Madi shouted. "That little mother******."

"Madi! Language!" Cam said. Madi laughed.

"Oh please! wewe think that's bad, wewe should have seen our fights!" She said. "He dropped a couple of 'C' bombs. And I dropped a LOT of 'F' bombs as well." She laughed nervously.

"Why did he dump you?" Cam asked. Madi cracked up laughing.

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posted by starslight101
Chapter 4

Madi, Skipper, Private, Rico, and Kowalski ran through the forest surrounding the PC Party location. Madi took out her freeze ray.

"Can wewe make your own weapons?" Private asked.

"Yeah. And I have before. As a matter of fact, I'M the one who came up with the Stun Gun and got the idea of a Super Stunner." Madi sighed, "I'm such an idiot! Now let's go."


"We're not that far from Blowhole's HQ! If we keep going the way we're going, we'll make it." Madi jumped down from branch to branch. Scaling a mti was Kowalski's...
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posted by starslight101
(A/N: I messed up on the last chapter: it was supposed to be Part 3-Chapter 2. Sorry about the confusion.)

Chapter 3
The penguins reached the party and they were all dressed up. Madi was wearing a short black dress with black high heels. Her eyelashes were smoky, black, and long.

"I can't barely recognize you!" Private said.

"Good, cause that's the point. But I have to say, wewe guys look GREAT!" Madi said. The guys were all wearing matching black tuxedos with red ties.

"You have good taste. Well, here are your weapons." Madi said. She took out some red guns and gave them to Skipper, Kowalski,...
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