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posted by 67Dodge
One switch, a loud clack of doors closing tightly. Lockdown. Amongst the screams of psychopaths, hoots of rapists and soft weeping of thieves and other criminals, Damion had smiled again, Charlie was finally transferred to another cell. He hoped he would, knowing that if Charlie ratted him out for breaking his term restrictions, he'd find a way to kill him without hesitation. With a cell to himself once more, Damion was at peace within. One thing remained however. 

"Hannah, if wewe fight him alone, you'll get killed... I can't sit in this GOD DAMN JAIL, and let him make wewe his.. You're mine...
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Gallis: Uhh. Lucile I'm sorry I got so angry. I let my past get to my future. And I still can't understand why Ithat happened. The truth is I had a girlfriend in high school who nearly killed me.
Lucile: That's okay, sorry that I lied, but I would have told wewe the truth eventually, but I forgot that wewe would understand.
Gallis: That's true. And sorry I let my feelings get the better of me.
Lucile: Can we just put all this behind us and make-up?
Gallis: Sure.
They give each other a warm hug and a quick kiss.

After everyone's been told:
Everyone is in the same room.
Skipper: So, Kowalski, how will...
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posted by SgtSkipper
After finally managing to free Kaitlyn, everyone regrouped in what looked like the lobby downstairs to discuss further plans on renovating.
“There's a hole in the roof in that room upstairs” Tressa gestured at the roof, “That's why the wood was rotted, with damp”
“We'll just have to stick a bucket under it for now, it's getting too dark to be going outside” Emma sighed. “For now, we'll just have to fix everything indoors”
“It would help if we could see...” Amber replied.
“I'll see if I can find the switch” Lexii stumbled around in the dark.
“Agh!” Kaitlyn screamed abruptly....
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The group scattered.

Gallis: Hey, a mti with lots of leaves!
He ran towards the mti when he saw the three Deinonychus and their babies coming.
Gallis: Eek!
He got into the mti without their notice.
Then he saw the Allosaurus coming towards them while the adult Deinonychus protect their babies.
Gallis: Ooh! Good thing I kept the camera. Now, video mode, on!
After the great fight he saw how the Allosaurus walked of bleeding heavily and how the Deinonychus walk off victoriously.

Gallis: What a fight! I can't wait to onyesha the others.
Lucile: Me neither.
Gallis: Hah! Oh, it's you.
Lucile: Scared you, didn't...
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Everybody except Emma, Private, and Tom was awake at 7 am.
After what had been a pile of rocks was now their table, which Emma, Rico and Kowalski made the night before

Skipper: Well, now let's see, where did Private put my bag?. Ah, here it. Okay, everybody, catch.
He threw everybody's bags to them, then he came to Kowalski's.

Kowalski: Wait, don't throw that!
But it was too late.
Luckily for him Gallis, who was sitting in front of him, caught the the bag perfectly without it even toutching the ground.
Lucile: Excellent catch!
Gallis: Thanks. Here wewe go Kowalski.
Kowalski: Thank you, there is something...
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Skipper: Now team, first we must find protection, a place where no carnivores can get us. And the best place is cave, so keep your eyes peeled for one. Got that?
Everyone else: Yes sir.
Skipper: Good, now let's finish lunch, I'm starving.

Gallis: I'm a bit hungrier now, so add 3 Tunas to my order.
Rico then chopped everyone’s samaki and they enjoy it nicely.

Skipper: Okay, pack your rugsack with necessary items, because we'll be gone for a while.
They started packing their rugsacks with chakula and other items.
Gallis: Thanks for building this know the dino machine for me, Kowalski.
Kowalski:Your welcome,...
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Skipper: Well that wasn't so bad.
Private(waking up): What happened?
Kowalski: We were about to crash but Gallis and Lucile managed to land us safely on the beach, pwani of this island. But it is easy, since controling a plane is a piece of fish. Right, Gallis?
Gallis(tired out): Speak for yourself! Keeping a plane from crashing isn't as easy as wewe think! Right Lucile? Lucile?
He found out thay she was asleep on the ground and then found him falling to the ground and also falling asleep.
Private: Okay, so how about some lunch?
Ashley: Great idea, lad.
They dragged the sleepful pair aboard.
But they didn't...
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I stand on juu of the rock in the forest, the wind blowing into my fur. I close my eyes as the wind kept blowing into my face, it just felt like I was flying. But then my nose caught something, I open my eyes again and Black was standing infront of the rock, stairing at me. I jump down infront of him and touch his nose with mine. Black just stay still, closing his eyes. "Caitlin." A voice came from behind Black. Black open his eyes and looks back, then he fled away like danger is near. A woman appeared, she was standing inayofuata to a man. Then I realize who they where. "Mom? Dad?" My mom step...
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posted by Mockinjay1400
Amber, Taylor and their mom sat around the table. Their dad was out on a mission.
"Girls, I have some big news..." alisema their mom.
"OH. MY. GAWD! wewe GOT ONE DIRECTION BOOKED FOR MY BIRTHDAY?!?!?!?!?!?!?" Taylor boomed.
"Honey, your birthday isn't for another few months."
"Your letting me take the college aptitude test, so I can realize my dream of becoming the world's first 7-year-old scientist????" Amber's eyes were wide, but her smile wasn't.
"No" Their mother looked silently at the table, then back up at her twin daughters. calmly and focused, she alisema "We're having another baby."

This fanfic...
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I open my eyes and I start feeling the hard, cold table. I slowly sit up and see Pepper in front of me.

"Gah!" "Ahh!" Pepper fell off the meza, jedwali kwa suprise. I held my flippers out. Then I look down at my white feathers, running my flipper through it. "Why is my feathers short?" I look at Emma who was laying inayofuata to me and my own body inayofuata to her`s. "What? I`m Kowalski?" "K-Kait? Is that you?" Pepper poke her head up to look at me. "Um.... I guess..." I still don`t understand how I did this. I look back at my tail and it was shorter. "Well, I`m Kowalski all right..."

"Kait?" Pepper got up on...
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"Since when is Red John a squirrel?' asked Patrick Jane
"I am not zhe Red John wewe are tinking of. I am zhe Red Skvirrel. wewe can call me "Red", au kwa my birth name "Rudolfus", au just "Rudy"."

"Then why introduce yourself as Red John?"

"Blowhole gave me the code name. We were each aliyopewa names after villanis the detectives have faced in zhe past. Blowy vas Pelant, Zhe panya King vas Paddy O'Dell, and Hans vas supposed to be Sassone (from CSI NY).But since I now see we are no longer doink zhat." alisema Rudy, sheepishly

"I'm surprised that wewe managed to sneak a party of 13 past my guards. Frankly, I'm...
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As if flying in a crappliy make, makeshift airplane wasn't nerve wracking enough, try flying in a crappliy made, makeshift airplane with the Penguins, Monique, Lexii, Kristen, CC, PB (peacebaby7), Temperance Brennan, Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles and Patrick Jane on a mission to save the world from Dr. Blowhole.. again.

"it's a shame this didn't happen on Sunday. it would be the 1 mwaka anniversary of when Blowhole tried to us musical mind control." alisema Kowalski, just as the plane hit some turbulence somewhere over England.

"Kowalski, did wewe make sure to check if we had enough fuel?" asked Private...
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When Monique and Lexii woke up, they were zaidi than a bit surprised at what happened. After all, it's not every siku that wewe see the Penguins. ( for me it is, but that's ' cause i live with them) . It was almost funny to see them faint. I mean wewe could do any number of these when wewe meet the penguins ; freak out and run (like peacebaby7), au wewe could faint, au wewe could call yourself insane, au wewe could have a fangasm.

"Why have wewe brought us here?" asked PB.
" Simple." answered Skipper" we need wewe to spread the word on fanpop about not cancelling P.o.M. that, plus, we figured it'd be...
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" Ok, team, time for a group meeting>" alisema Skipper, once we were seated around the cinder block.
" This isn't about some invention, is it? ' asks CC
" No. It's about Fanpop."
" What about it?" i ask.
' We need the names of some of the "Popular" mashabiki of P.o.M" says Kowalski.
" well, don't ask me, I'm not on fanpop. the world's not ready to read my Hetalia fics.' says kristen
" Oh, well let's see, there's Mostar1219, _Lexi23_, peacebaby7...." says CC
"Perfect! We only need three names!" says Skipper
" Why?" I ask
"We're introducing them to ourselves." explains Private.
" Well, it's a coincidence, 'cause...
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Lexii gasped again, and jumped from the boxes. Dylan had heard the whole thing.
"We gotta warn the others!" he exclaimed, and tried scrambling up the tunnel again.
"You're not gonna make it," Lexii said. "It's too steep. We'll have to wait until Blowhole and the lobeters are gone, and get out through that way."
"Will we be too late?"
"No," Lexii assured him. "There's a door at the far end, but the place isn't that big. While we're there, we need to try and find out where they're going."
"I'll do that, while wewe get the others out of the house," Dylan told her. Lexii nodded, and they climbed through...
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Everthing was blury, the world was spinning. My guts feels like they`re on fire, but I feel like I in a deep dark ocean filled with weeds that I`m lieing on. Findly I can see the nyasi infront of me. I look up, there was a big dark red dot and it starting to look like a truck. Then I see a black and white blur with dark blue at the end.

"E-m...." My throut hurts, but I start crawling to Emma. I reach to her and look down at Emma, stairing at the wounds from the explotion from the truck. She open her eyes and looks at me. She tried to talk, but all I hear is fade squawks from Emma and pass out....
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posted by TheRatKing1
Averege day. August 12th, 2012, warm and muggy. Luckily the Penguins HQ was as cool as if it had an air condidtioner ( we had one a while back but Kowalski tinkered with it and it blew up, no shock there, huh?)

We were all going about our duties, Skipper deemed it too uncomfortable to train, so we had free time. CC and i were uandishi POM fanfiction (or in our case fantruth, but who else would know that we LIVE with the Penguins?). My cousin, Kristen was in another fandom altogether: the World of Hetalia, and she was sitting here contentedly uandishi herself into that world., Kowalski hadn't left...
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posted by 1Amberpet
"Wrong one." Rinn said. "I didn't mean to kill Kowalski-kun."

"Kowalski!" Emma yelled running up to the body.

"Emma." He alisema grabbing for her flipper. "I don't have much time left."

"Don't talk like that!" She yelled grasping his outstretched flipper. "Your going to live I promise!" Blood had now dyed his feathers red. Tears strolled down Emma's face. She was about to lose someone she really loved.

"Oh dear." Rinn alisema putting her scythe behind her back. "Might as well call me Bankotsu cause I'm a ruthless killer. Private come and take care of the annoying British girl."

"Private?!?" Skipper said....
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