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Hey everybody. I hope wewe enjoy this chapter, it’s really scary, but I liked. Thanks very much for the reviews and have fun. Don’t curse me when wewe finished reading, ok! There’s gonna be zaidi chapters cause this story is really enjoying me.

A hazy light was coming from the lonely post that was vanished between the cold mist. Oh God the cold was terrible this time, mainly because of the wind that was blowing miles per hour. But the sound whispered kwa the wind was the only thing wewe could concentrate to try to sleep, it was like some magic, some magic that made the messy sound of the big...
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Time for some analysis y'all!

I'm gonna just jump right in here with my thoughts. I have many.

Amber, The Psyche

Hallucination Amber is a little creepier than the live version of Amber that we knew in season 4. But she is merely a representation of House's subconscious, that has been manifested due to his feelings of guilt. To me, it is obvious why this has happened:

1) House is the master of guilt suppression. He regularly does things that the average person would feel incredibly guilty about. But House shoves that away deep inside his brain. That isn't to say that he doesn't feel guilty; it just...
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Season 5 Episode 22 “House Divided” review kwa Connie Norberg

Looks like House is at it again; amazing us with his dry sense of humor, while carrying on his conversations with his imagination, Amber. His mgawanyiko, baidisha personality reveals his inner thoughts through Amber and the charisma they share is remarkably funny. While House calculates his famous trial and errors of medicine, we get to see the somewhat fun side of him while putting together a Bachelor party for Chase.

House now seeks his professional inner-tuition, Amber for his impeccable diagnosis on a young man who is deaf. During the struggle...
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