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Invader Zim
invader zim: enter the florpus
enter the florpus
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Heh please don't hate me this is my first IZ fic ^^;

Zim could only hold his curiosity for so long. GIR was continuously throwing himself at the floor, pounding his tiny fists into it,and yelling,
before standing up and repeating the process. It looked like he was having a tantrum.

"GIR! What are wewe doing?"

"SHH!" The robot put a finger to his metal lips before hitting the ground again. "I'm attacking the floor! It won't make me a sammich!"

Zims eyes narrowed as he took in what his slave had said. He quickly ignored his S.I.R units actions and began talking....
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I want the Zim and Dib bags!
Invader Zim
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"This is stupid" Gaz alisema while she poured maziwa onto her cereal.

Dib had been trying to convince his sister the whole morning to take some spy cameras and put each one in a different room inside Zim's base. As he predicted Gaz had refused to do it, she told him that Zim would right away discover that she is helping him and might not allow her to go to his house again. Which is something Gaz didn't want, she doesn't want to work on the project kwa herself.
"Come on Gaz, all wewe have to do is put these spy cameras somewhere Zim might not see it. GIR did it last time for me, if that stupid robot...
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posted by silvaria_fan23
 Zim:I Wont Let Go Until We Make Up
Zim:I Wont Let Go Until We Make Up
Gaz:So Wht To We do Zim?

Zim:We Need To Find A Way How To Make Up With Ur Brother

Gaz:Oh Yeah..

*Tak Walks kwa And Hits Gaz's Head In Purpose*

Tak:Opps..Srry Gaz *Walks Away*

Gaz:Grr Thts It! We Need U And My Brother Back Togheter

Zim:Yes We Do I'm Sicking Tired Of Tak!!!

*Rubii Spyes*

Rubii:Hmm They Sure Need Help

EmoNess:Then Why Dont U Go Help Them?

Rubii:Should I Help Them..

Maliry:SURE! Now Go!*Pushes Rubii*

Rubii:Ahhh! *Falls Down The Hall Way*

Zim:Huh? RUbii! Is Tht U!

Gaz:O_O Its Her!

Rubii:Hii Guys I Heard Tht U HAd Trouble..

Gaz:Could U Help Us?????


Rubii:Ok Ok

*Emoness And Maliry See*...
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this will contain zadf and zagr and a hint of datr for a warning for haters

Dib is in his room and he has the spell drive opened and it is on the shadow hog spell he is sitting on a computer chair talking on the phone
Dib: “yeah, so then he goes running out the room screaming his head off” he accidentally hits the activation button when resting his arm on the dawati and the shadow hog comes out behind him “yeah, I would hate to Zim right now, ha-ha” the shadow hog zooms off out the window.

We zoom into Zim`s house the inayofuata morning and GIR is making waffles and Zim comes out of the toilet...
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