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Credit to Era Izawa link

I have copy and pasted the following information from another website, so as to not risk the link becoming broken later... I've ilitumwa a few viungo in fanpop that ended up broken later cause the page was moved. Anyways, it is a guide to help people either read au draw manga better. It explains some japanese words and things that are commonly Lost in translation and has at least helped me gain a better grasp on the language. What follows is the makala as it appears from the link I pasted above this paragraph and the makala is written kwa Era Izawa titled "What's Lost...
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I feel like everyone has those manga that wewe wish were anime as well so wewe could enjoy it in another format. I'm no different so here are some manga that I upendo and would upendo if they were aliyopewa an anime adaptation (even though I know it's basically most likely that it won't... ever....happen.......)

warning:mostly me rambling

ngome of dreams

The manga is zaidi of a collection of short stories and I feel like this could be an episodic OVA series. The actual book starts of with three stories about a magician who will grant any wish, "be it for evil au good" and allows people to see their...
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