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IrisTheHedgehog posted on Jul 26, 2014 at 06:48PM
The reason why Pinkie is pink is because °Pink° is in her name.And it's her personality
Deeply has a lazy eye unless it's glasses and it looks like that.
Rarity has a Canadian Like accent.
Pinkie speaks to viewers because she is the entertainer.
MLP is like a slice of life or like A show about someone's life and their filming it and the things are happening.
Ponies count moons but says them as days.
Equestria Girls is a pony/human but still with some pony features,The next stage would be a full human.
Ponies have major genetics.
Pinkie and Applejack are related because they own a family business before the mane 6 we're born they maybe the pie family's ancestors we're born within bothfamilies.
G1 didn't have as much magic in it.

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