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 Seriously, if these three were princesses they'd be #1
Seriously, if these three were princesses they'd be #1
Oh my god! This is literally the hardest countdown I've ever done! I did this orodha awhile back and my opinion has changed radically on all the princesses. With my favourites list, one princess moved, with this orodha they've all changed places, I used math to help me rank them and I was surprised, especially kwa my #8. I gave each of them scores of 1-10 for three different areas, face, body and hair. Then added it up. No one got 30 as their final score. Funny enough, even though they're princesses, none of them are perfect. To be honest I'm only sure about my juu two, this orodha could change again...
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This is a orodha about the most comfortable bedrooms in Disney Princess movies. I made the countdown some months ago, but I just have time and mood to write the makala now. I included almost all bedrooms we see in the movies, except Mother Gothel's bedroom and Grandmother Fa's bedroom, because theirs are seen too little in the movies. I hope you'll enjoy kusoma this. To all participants, I say a huge THANK wewe for picking and commenting.

21. Aladdin's mitaani, mtaa bedroom

It's just a corner up in the ruins of an old building, but to Aladin it's his only bedroom. He doesn't have a house, so he tries...
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I noticed I'm not good at describing beauties because I don't care much about that topic. But having a Prettiest Princess orodha is crucial so I had to do this haha, enjoy :) The picha were made kwa petitetiaras, except for Anna's and Elsa's that were made kwa Punziella. I think it's a little easier to compare their beauties when they are modeled about the same way.

13. Merida
Merida is very unconventional looking so it's natural she would come in last on my list. Though she can look stunning. I've realized that after looking at some ikoni from editor queens on Fanpop. But with that said,...
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Here is the Interview of Chesire who became a DP shabiki of the Month! Please read her interview!

1. How do wewe feel to be voted as shabiki of the Month?
YAY!! Thank wewe so much! I feel so honored and lucky to become one of the 'Fan of the Month'. I never really thought I'd be chosen to be one. So thank wewe so much guys! :D

2. Which is your inayopendelewa Princess and Prince?
Hmm, as of now my inayopendelewa princess is Cinderella. I just upendo her simplicity and elegance. And I especially upendo her voice. <3
As for the prince, it's always been Aladdin. I upendo his rebellious, caring, sweet and funny personality....
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