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Ok I'm giving this a sekunde chance. So without furtherordo, here's my very own orodha of the most beautiful Disney princesses.

17. Snow White
Snow being the last on this orodha is not to say that I think she's ugly, infact I find her rather cute but she starts the orodha of dps whom I upendo not for their looks but for their personality. She's as sweet as a treat.

16. Aurora
Same thing with her as with snow white but I have to say, her figure is quite statuesque also her hair is awesome.

15. cinderella
I find Cinderella's smile to be her best physical feature but being one of the princesses with the...
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posted by PrincessXandra
I know what you’re thinking, “They’re not Disney Princesses,” but hear me out: They are from Shrek, which parodies Disney films. As such, it’s not much of a stretch to assume this group of princesses are a parody of the Disney Princess.

Here we have: Princess Fiona (of course), Snow White, cinderella (whose real name I think is Cynthia), Sleeping Beauty (whose real name I think is Princess Talia) and Rapunzel (who is really the villain).

Here are their stories:

Princess Talia - She was cursed kwa the evil fairy Carabosse to die on her 16th birthday, which happened, but her Prince gave...
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 " Crazy jokes. At least wewe are my fan, so maybe wewe could write an makala for Elsa jokes? Hmm. Goodbye, I am hanging out with Jack."
" Crazy jokes. At least you are my fan, so maybe you could write an article for Elsa jokes? Hmm. Goodbye, I am hanging out with Jack."
Hello everyone. This makala will contain jokes about Snow White, but don't worry, no sexual jokes. I've searched for all of these jokes on various sites, made up myself au caught my eye in a comment. Don't forget to have fun while reading!

1- * Warning: Do not see this joke as an insult to Snow White.

Joke: Snow White is pretty...Pretty weird.

* The joke is owned kwa ⋅ Fαllen ⋅ (YouTube)

2- Joke: Snow White is going to participate in a talent show. In this competition, Snow White will onyesha everyone how she talks to animals. However, she finished third in the competition. The first was Shrek...
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Hello everyone! I'm Veronica (a.k.a. ApplesauceDoctr :D), and hey, it's been a little while since I've written an article. It feels good to get back into the spirit of writing. :D
So, what have I today? As wewe can see, I'll be analyzing the song "Reflection" from Disney's Mulan. I made a lyric video for it about a week zamani and realized just how deep the song is! However, in this analysis, I'll also be taking a look at the extended version of the song. It shows a different side of Mulan that...well, you'll see soon enough.

Alright then! Let's take a listen to Reflection!

Movie Version

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