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Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures
Season 1, Episode 6
"Hoho's Dilemma"

[[The epsiode begins with Kai-Lan and her Marafiki watching an episode of SpongeBob.]]

Rintoo: Hey, wewe guys wanna know which SpongeBob episode is my favorite?
Hoho: What?
Rintoo: The one where SpongeBob and Patrick go to that toy store and they stay there overnight.
Lulu: That's my inayopendelewa episode as well, not as much as the "Bubblestand" episode.

[[The phone rings. Kai-Lan gets up and majibu it.]]

Kai-Lan: Empress Kai-lan here. Oh, ni hao, Mr. Fluffy. What's that? wewe want to come over, and introduce us to your little sister? Well, we...
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Brobee crying
Kai-lan i Know how wewe feel Brobee
brobee sobbing i know kai-lan but what about Spyler
Spyler but bot what about brobee he is kwa best monster friend
Milli its okay spyler
Bot spyler wewe will find your way
spyler I will
bot yeah

You can lose a toy wewe bought
Or lose a game wewe play
You can lose your train of thought
If wewe don't find it, never mind it
But if you're traveling to and fro
And wewe get Lost someday
You've only Lost the way to go
And wewe will find your way
You will find your way

[Spyler ]

(Hmm, I don't know, Mr. Bot.)


However lost
However far
You're never lost
From who you...
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Season 2, Episode 3

Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures
Season 2, Episode 3
"The Humble Emperor"

[The episode begins with Kai-Lan and the gang looking at some of the new toys they have in the toy store.]

Lulu: Hey, look at this one.
Hoho: Wow, that's one big racer. What does it do?
Lulu: It says that it can go up to a speed of about 80 miles per hour.
Hoho: Just think, how much fast that car can be. I bet that thing is faster than Rintoo.
Rintoo: Hey!
Hoho: I wouldn't consider it being as fast as you, Rintoo. Who knows, it could be.
Rintoo: I don't know. But all I know is nobody can be able to catch me with me...
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Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures
Season 1, Episode 7
"The Most Eligible Emperor"

[[The episode begins with Rintoo and Hoho playing with their Robo Buddy toy.]]

Rintoo: All right, Robo Buddy, do a super silly flip, followed kwa a wiggle and rub your tummy.
Robo Buddy: Your wish is my command.

[[The Robo Buddy does a silly flip, wiggles his whole body and rubs his stomach, while making Rintoo and Hoho laugh.]]

Hoho: I tell ya, there isn't nothing wewe can do than making our toy do silly things.
Rintoo: Well, wewe know, what can I say?
Robo Buddy: What do wewe want me to do next?
Hoho: Oh, oh, how about getting us...
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ni hao kai-lan
nick jr.
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ni hao kai-lan
nick jr. game
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