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posted by MiniOreoCookie
Author's note: I'm very sorry I haven't updated anything lately.. I've just been busy and my 'cooleeo' account somehow got suspended.. I was going to publish a story last week, but my work got deleted along with the profile. Sorry and I hope wewe enjoy this article. (:

Gwen's pov!
'"No,I upendo wewe more.."I giggled before hitting Trent playfully in the arm. "is that so..?"he rolled over on his side on the checkered patterned blanket and propped his head up with his hand,his lips curving into an smirk. "that is so."I tried to hide my blush with my hand and smiled. he sat up and scooted over towards...
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Gwen:*panting* Trent:lets get in the car! *they get in,cop drives..while Gwen and Trent sits in the back* just lay down baby. Gwen:OW! okay. *breathes hard* will we be-ow!-there s-soon? cop:since i`m a cop,i`ll go faster. *drives fast and turns on the siren* Gwen:Trent,i don't think we`ll make it! AH!! Trent:ssh,*pats her stomach* we are almost there. cop:actually,we are here. Trent:terrific! *picks up Gwen,and gets out of the car* can wewe tell all of our Marafiki to come? cop:sure. *starts calling* Gwen:*cry* Trent:*burst through the doors* excuse me,my fiance is having a baby! doctor:set her...
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posted by trentgwenfan1
gwen: trent what are wewe doing
trent:*scraches her foot
gwen:ow trent stop it your screing me stop
trent:accentenly kills gwen*
trent:*wakes up*NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
gwen:trent whats wrong
trent:nothing it was just a bad dream
gwen:ok*kisses trent*
*the inayofuata morning
duncan:*knocks on their door*
trent:what are wewe doing here
duncan:gwens mom told me to take gwen somewhere and it is pivate*
trent:for how long??
duncan:a few months
trent:ok but don't do anything to gwen au i swaer wewe will regreat it
duncan:geez dude wewe sound like her dad
gwen:trent who is at the door
trent:duncan he alisema he needs to take wewe somewhere for a couple of months
gwen:o...k kwa trent*kisses him*
trents p.o.v.
i don't know whats going on but i trust gwen and i upendo her.
Trent's pov!
sup,i`m Trent. wewe might never heard of me before,but wewe will now. i`m going on a muziki tour!

my life is brilliant

okay,okay my life is pretty weird..i have never kissed a girl,even though the girls try to kiss me. i want my upendo life to be real,not some weird shabiki girl asking wewe to marry her.

my life is brilliant
my upendo is pure
i saw an angel
of that i`m sure

let me just get my train ticket and..whoa..who is that? *looks at a girl with black hair with midnight blue teals,pale skin,black eyes,and goth clothes (ones from TD)* wow..i just stood there looking upendo struck,until the drummer...
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posted by shellgirl54
Trents pov
tonight im going to the sinema with my Marafiki duncan,dj,and geoff with there girlfriends gwen,katie and bridgette and as u can see

I'm single so anyways we go in to see twilight eclipese

we try to find seats because its crowded
we found some in the middle of the theather duncan was trying to sit inayofuata to gwen so they can sneak out and well u know can have s--(he hates twilight)

but when he sat inayofuata to her she moved because she knew what he was gonna do so she eits inayofuata to me

so it was passed 15 dakika and i never madeout with a girl so i wanted to do it gwen then holded on to my hand...
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posted by ARadomperson
My last Gwent story was quite popular…THANKS GUYS! So, I decided to write a sekunde one. Please, enjoy!
Disclaimer: Nope, I STILL don't own TD!

Trent's P.O.V
I sighed, looking at my room. It was a mess. Guess my little brother was here, while I was competing for a million dollars… and Gwen's heart. I still upendo her. Who wouldn't? She is so amazing! With her drawing skills, that always made me proud of her, with her smile that always lighted up my world…She was my inspiration, my reason to compete! But than, I became too possessive. I should've known. Gwen doesn't like to be aliyopewa orders....
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siku Five __________________________________________________
Trent's P.O.V.
Yes!Heather will be in for a surprise.Sure we had to postpone our tarehe yesterday,but today's tarehe will be even better.As I held a cab while looking to make sure fangirls weren't going to pummel me I thought about how Heather became my girlfriend.
-Five Months Ago-
I was walking in the cold,hard rain alone and miserable.My siku had became wonderful and pleasant to total shit storm.It was my siku to perform at a famous bar called 'Delights'.First I forgot my lucky guitar, gitaa pick because I was up late the night before tightening...
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As days went by, Trent waited for Gwen to call him so he could talk to her. Unfortunately for him, he received no calls from Gwen yet. Until one day, he finally received a call from the same mystery number he was getting for the last few weeks. And once again. he received no answer over his cell phone.
"Hello?...Hello is anybody there?"He asked. But all that he heard was a sigh and a moan.
"Listen Gwen, I know that it's you, the game is over."said Trent. "Will wewe please just talk to me?"
When she heard this, she became really terrified. And fast as she could, she immediately hung up her cell...
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After Geoff took Harold home, he headed to Bridgette's house, to take her home. Bridgette, however, had a funny look in her eyes while Geoff was driving. Geoff began to notice it too.
"Bridgette, are wewe alright?" he asked.
"Well yes, I suppose.,"she said."Why do wewe ask?"
"Because you're uigizaji funny. wewe look like you've seen a ghost au something."Geoff said,"Come on Bridgette, what's wrong?"
"Nothing Geoff, I'm alright."she said,"It's just that ummm.."
"Wait a minute,"he said, interrupting her,"did wewe see something that happened over at Trent's house? That wewe weren't supposed to see.?"
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Trent's P.O.V
I just can't win! No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't be left alone. Not that I mind my Marafiki finding me, it's just that I still needed zaidi space. Heck, I'm glad to see that there are still others who still care about me. But man, I sure hope they don't smother me.

So when they got to their cars, Courtney said,"Come on Trent, I'll take wewe home."
"O-oh no Courtney," alisema Geoff,"he's coming with us."
"Yeah Courtney," alisema Bridgette,"I mean no offence but we want to keep an eye on him, o.k.."
"Well, I guess." Courtney said.
"Hey, do wewe mind if I may choose who I ride with?"...
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When Mr. Mercury came home, he found red broken glass all over the side street. He began to wonder what had happened while he was gone? But he had no clue. So he went into his house and called Trent.
"Hey son, I'm home." He alisema as he walked in.
"Hi dad, wewe got the ice cream?" Trent asked as he came out of his room.
"You bet," his dad said,"and it's your favorite, pistasio."
"Cool, let's eat some.!" Trent said, as he sat down on the jikoni chair.
"Oh, kwa the way son,"Mr. Mercury said,"I happen to notice some red glass all over the curb. Did anything happen while I was gone?"
""Oh, nothing out...
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posted by trentgwenfan1
Gwen's p.o.v
last night i was uandishi in my sckech pad then i saw a boy walk kwa his name was Trent and he triped over a big rock and i hleped him nack up his leg was injerd i helped him feel better we talked and were shared stuff about ecother

Trent's p.o.v
WOW last night i meat this insanly hot girl she had blue and black hair she had buttiful brown eyes and pale skin but i triped over and skraped my leg she helped me up and we shared stuff about ecother

Gwen: i wish i can see Trent again *thinks for a moment* wait he gave me his adress *walks to Trent's house *
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Bridgette's P.O.V.

Woe, what a trip that was when we left Duncan's house! I can't believe how much of a jerk he was. But when Gwen told me the whole story about how the discussion became a fight, I could see that she was really serious. Poor Gwen, the only thing that saved her was the fact that his door was open and his siblings were home. I mean, dang it, God was really on her side.!

"I just can't believe how much of a jerk Duncan really is."Bridgette said,"And to think, wewe actually wanted to be his beau."
"And I thought that he would be a little sincere and trustworthy,"Said Gwen,"I guess...
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posted by trentgwenfan1
Gwen: *crying*
Trent: gwen mtulivu, clam down its going to be ok
gwen: how is it ok your moving away
trent: i'll think of something don't worry babe*kisses gwen*
gwen: i belive you
duncan: gwen are wewe still sad this happen 2 whole hours ago
courtney: duncan why would wewe say that i would be totaly devestated if wewe moved far away from me
duncan: fine what are we going to do when trents gone
lindsay: BINGO
courtneey: wewe have a idiea
lindsay: no i don't like this game i want to play bingo
courtney: ahuh did we have to invite her
brighette: kind of
lindsay: hujambo maybe we can convinse trent's paraents to let him stay...
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