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posted by jameswilson
This isn't a wordy makala as much as it's just a little collection of pictures from the past seasons. I'm not going into my what I like and don't like about the changes Pam has gone through throughout the onyesha (some I really like and some I don't so much), but it's cool to look back either way!
Things to note: her hair, makeup, clothes - plus the background and location of the interviews! It's fun to see the different set ups throughout the years!

My final three comments:
1) I hope wewe enjoy
2) Pam's the best
3) Comments/thoughts welcomed!
 "Pilot" 1x01
"Pilot" 1x01
 "The Dundies" 2x01
"The Dundies" 2x01
 "Gay Witch Hunt" 3x01
"Gay Witch Hunt" 3x01
 "Fun Run" 4x01
"Fun Run" 4x01
 "Weight Loss" 5x01
"Weight Loss" 5x01
 "Gossip" 6x01
"Gossip" 6x01
 "Nepotism" 7x01
"Nepotism" 7x01
 "The List" 8x01
"The List" 8x01
posted by chel1395
 Trish Gates
Trish Gates
After kusoma ANOTHER makala that hints at Kevin Malone's fiancee, Stacy, not existing, I have decided to prove to the world that not only does she exist, we've seen her. Several times. First of all, the actress who plays her is named Trish Gates. Trish has starred in four Office episodes, however her scenes in "The Dundies" were cut from the original episode. wewe can see her in "The Dundies" deleted scene where Kevin points out that he brought his fiancee. She is also seen briefly in "Email Surveillance" at Jim's party. We don't see her again until Season 3 in "Phyllis's Wedding." Then, we get another brief glimpse of her in "Cocktails" when the office staff is at Poor Richard's Bar. And then, of course, there is the fact that Kevin brought Stacy's daughter, April, to work in "Take Your Daughter to Work Day." I ask anyone who thinks that Stacy is a figment of Kevin's imagination to please watch the episodes mentioned above. Thank wewe and good night :)
 Stacy and Kevin at Phyllis's wedding
Stacy and Kevin at Phyllis's wedding
Hi all,

Branch Wars was such a fun episode that I find myself having to write about it!

Whats not to like?

There is a finner things club happening in the break room and staff poaching! Not enough? Ok, bring on a sabotage attempt for Utica kwa Curly (Jim) Larry ( Michael) and Moe ( Dwight). Oh and the return of Karen.!

Between the constant giggles I did feel a little for Jim having to face Karen. Like most people after a nasty break up its always a goal to avoid your ex like the plague.

Jim: I can't believe wewe guys. I'm not going to go further piss off my ex-girlfriend.

No such luck for Jim - I bet...
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posted by kathiria82
hujambo guys! Everyone who is a shabiki of The Office must know about the new website, Dunder Mifflin Infinity. In case wewe don't already know, Dunder Mifflin Infinity (DMI) is the new online division of Dunder Mifflin, Inc. Paper Company. This gives all us die-hard office mashabiki a chance to not only interact with each other but it makes us feel like we work at Dunder Mifflin. For zaidi in-depth information on this amazing new website go to link. I am proud to say that I work for the Independence MO Branch and the Regional Manager is our very own link. She always gets the best and latest news on our favorite...
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This is a completely factual and accurate genealogical account of the Schrute family line. It is based on first hand information from Dwight Kurt Schrute, obtained during the filming of a documentary. The names, dates, locations and all other information may be made up, but the rest is the absolute truth.

Effie Margaret Elderstein was the only child of wealthy German factory owners. She was a quiet and plain young woman, who had many suitors, but little interest in any of them. When...
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posted by WorshipDwight
Two years ago, I wrote an article, “Confessions of an Addict,” sharing the pains and joys of my serious addiction to the Office. Since then, I’ve revisited the makala several times for nostalgia’s sake, and many zaidi times I’ve considered uandishi another chapter in my addiction story. What stopped me?

    For the longest time, I was worried that I had indeed found the reason for my failure to write another addiction article. I was certain I had Lost faith. I was certain that my upendo for the Office had faded. I looked back at my “Confessions” makala with...
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 NBC's Green Week Logo
NBC's Green Week Logo
When NBC announced that it would devote an entire week to promoting saving the environment and “going green,” my first thought was how The Office could cleverly incorporate that message into an episode. The synopsis of ‘Survivor Man’ was promising…Michael goes into the wilderness to see if he can survive on his own. That right there gives wewe plenty of great opportunities to discuss the environment and how we need to save the planet. And while 'Survivor Man' may not have been the best episode of the series, it did manage to do the impossible: it promoted the environment and “going...
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I’m a little sick of all this Jim worship going on. I know J.Kras is so dreamy and Jim’s a sweetheart but the guy ain’t infallible. I want to take this opportunity to onyesha some of Jim’s flaws.

Jim can be downright mean sometimes. His pranks on Dwight and Andy onyesha that Jim has a sadistic streak. He enjoys watching Dwight and Andy squirm. When Andy punched a hole in the ukuta and Lost all control Jim showed no remorse. Andy could have Lost his job au hurt himself badly. Andy shouldn’t have reacted so strongly, but Jim knew that Andy overreacted from putting his calculator in Jell-o....
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A new Dunder Mifflin branch has been started kwa me tvman, in Kamloops British Columbia Canada, If wewe haven't signed up yet and wish to jiunge a branch, jiunge Dunder Mifflin Kamloops with this code zxu5fh4ho4 (Without the period). I will be under the name tvguy.
I need 15 people to work with me to become regional manager of this branch. So for wewe Canadian Fanpoppers, au other fanpoppers wishing to jiunge please jiunge this one. I promise wewe will upendo working with me. If wewe have signed up with my branch please let me know kwa posting at the bottom in the maoni section.
posted by ThatDamnLlama
Top 20 Dwight Schrute Quotes:

1. When my mother was pregnant with me, they did an ultrasound and found she was having twins. When they did another ultrasound a few weeks later, they discovered that I had adsorbed the other fetus. Do I regret this? No, I believe his tissue has made me stronger. I now have the strength of a grown man and a little baby.
2. I am faster than 80% of all snakes.
3. I don’t care what Jim says, that is not Benjamin Franklin. I am 99% sure.
4. I don’t believe you, continue.
5. Reject a woman, and she will never let it go. One of the many defects of their kind. Also,...
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posted by lexabuti
Moral of the story

Gossip must not be used to one's own advantage, people can get hurt.

Michael could have avoided all the drama had he just alisema the gossip was a moral lesson for the interns before they left, but that would have been too easy to get by, especially when it came to Michael.

So we have this episode starting off with the only two guys capable of following after Michael's clownish ways kwa prancing about the office like madmen. Are Dwight and Andy a similar version of Michael au do they have their own hidden agendas for uigizaji so silly. How did Michael get kwa running this office.

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Welcome back, it's nice to have new episodes again of The Office, I thought I was going through new episode withdraws. Well I'm glad I have my fix now, and the new episode did not disappoint. I totally loved the episode. The writing, I thought was sharp and funny and the writers gave the audience what we have been waiting for, with the story line about the Angela/ Andy/ Dwight triangle. This story line all came to a head and It exploded with total satisfaction. I loved the way Jim tried to protect everyone from Andy (due to his Anger management issues) a great throw back from Andy's history....
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Summary: In ‘Night Out’ we heard that Michael has been going on some really bad dates, but we didn’t get to see them. Thankfully, I happen to know one of the cameramen and he let me watch footage from three of Michael’s dates. The following is a transcription of the video for your kusoma pleasure. :D


(Michael is standing outside Poor Richards)

Michael: (to the camera) So, this is my first real tarehe since Jan and I broke up. Her name is Helen and she’s the daughter...
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posted by greekthegeek
ever wondered if wewe are obsessed? well now wewe can find out! if wewe answered yes to 5 au zaidi of these then wewe definately are obsessed! But it's nothing to be ashamed of, it's the Fanpop! spirit!

1. wewe are a fanatic level and should be higher on fanpop.

2. The Office is all that wewe think and speak

3. wewe find that your emotions are best expressed through "The Office" monologs.

4. People label wewe as "crazy" au "mental".

5. wewe camped outside the ticket booth for The Office convention and scored VIP tickets.

6. wewe wrote 25 au zaidi poems for the Season 3 DVD contest and found out wewe lost. Your...
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Hi fanpoppers,

Be pre warned…. This IS a spoiler post!

This is ilitumwa over at TWop Forum, the spoilers were ilitumwa kwa a guy named Jeremy Goodwin. SO full credit to him! I was just so excited to read this I had to share with all wewe guys!!

OKAY it reads :

Jeremy Goodwin

Okay, wewe got me, since this is the spoilers thread after all, here is what I saw:

1. Michael is struggling heavily with the run as Phyllis and Bob Vance jog by. They talk to him for a sekunde but he waves them on.

2. Michael is now sitting on the ground looking completely miserable as most of the rest of the cast runs by.

3. One of...
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I was just kusoma a viewers take on Michael Scott. I was actually quite surprised that there are people out there with such a negative view this ‘fictional’ character.

To me Michael is hilarious because as much as we hate to admit it, there is people out there just like that! Trust me, I have actually worked with a few.

First off let me say that yes Michael Scott is for the most part is inappropriate …. Okay he is inappropriate in every way possible. In fact I would argue that zaidi so he is ignorant – to the point of naive. The writers, in my view, have worked long and hard (TWSS) developing...
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posted by Dwight_Shrute
This post is gonna be all the things that has happened to Dwight!

Jim out my stuff in jello again
Before I'm about to do something I think would an idiot do that thing if so I do not do that thing. No it goes I say I say I sit on you!
I can run 80% faster than snakes
To give wewe a reference point in how fast I am in between a panther and a mongoose.
Dwight k. Shrute
Assistant to the regional manager.
K.i .s.s

Keep it simple stupid. It hurts my feelings everytime.
Angela Kinsey is performing live with the Armando Thursday, June 10th at 8 pm! Tickets are just $20!

The Armando onyesha begins with one suggestion from the audience, which is then interpreted kwa that night's Armando (performed kwa The Office's Angela Kinsey) through a personal and truthful improvised monologue. Inspired kwa that monologue, a cast composed of veteran Chicago and Los Angeles alumni perform scenes which, in turn, inspire a response from Armando. This propels hilarious interchanges between Armando's monologues and the company's scenes.

Tickets are available kwa clicking here: link

This event is 21 and over. Any Ticket holder unable to present valid identification indicating that they are at least 21 years of age will not be admitted to this event, and will not be eligible for a refund.

iO West Theater
6366 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028
Good morning all,

I really wanted to do the right thing kwa the Office writers and the entire onyesha so asked the swali - Will boycotting DMI really support the WGA? au will it harm the onyesha if everyone resigned (Would it look like we dont like the show?)

I used every skill Dwight taught me and tracked down 'the office' digital writer.

Okay Dwight didn't really teach me anything useful so I had to ask Gene Stupnitsky (Writer and Producer) who told me who is the Digital Writer and how to contact him (lol)

His reply:

Hi Claudia,

First of all, this doesn't sound silly at all. I'm glad to hear that you're...
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 I support WGA
I support WGA
Dear Independence Branch Staff,

We officially only have 2 episodes left of The Office as it stands. The Office set has shut down. After that we don't know when au if The Office will return. It all depends on how long the strike is. Let's HOPE that the writers get what they want so we get our onyesha back.

To onyesha OUR support for the writers DMI Independence is joining the picket line. If Michael Scott isn't working well neither AM I!!

The MORE support the producers see, the better our chances our that they will give the writers what they deserve.

I hope wewe will all jiunge me in the DMI boycott! We...
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