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posted by jadeISmaNAME
name: tristan kirtyla

age: 15

gender : female

sexuality : bi

stereotype: the shy bi-curious girl

fav colour : blue

fav chakula : donuts ( ^.^ )

least fav chakula : tuna

fav movie: Titanic

pets : none

family: kristen , her mother . john, her father , jake, micheal , hunter her brothers .

theme song :ermmm , maybe Rihanna california king kitanda ? au owl city fireflies ?

likes: nice, pretty , not afraid to onyesha who they really are people

dislikes: anyone who is a bitchy , preppy snob

personality: shes a quiet shy girl, vulnerable .

bio : shes lived with her mum dad and brothers all her life , her perants are splitting up soon and shes having a hard time , she was a varry outgiong person untill she met james , her ex , whos would beat and cheat on her and told her never to say anything, shes she got used to being quiet .
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