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posted by Punkchick1061
As I Am

Poetry kwa Aria Antonia Angell

If I am gone
I will be gone
Sing a somber song
But I till will be gone

Nobody knew
What I would do
To wewe
If I was gone

Might I return
As ceature of night
to give wewe a fright
If I was gone?

So leave me as I am
In this dirty hole
In this wintry cold
And death across my face

As they eat me alive
the person inside
I wait
for me to go

Because if someone is dead
The'll scoop up their head
and if wewe were not good
if wewe did that thing
Looking to give wewe a fright
then they too will make wewe
a lonesome, hungry, dead,
creature of the night!
posted by Raziail
My name is Raziail , last of the pure blooded Wanyonya damu , I come forth now to clarify the truth and put rumors to rest once and for all. I was born in 1933 BC , my father and mother were the first vampire along with my mothers brother , Demius ... before i tell my tale I wanna put rumors to rest now , im the only vampire that can walk in daylight and not feel pain , half bloods can walk in siku light but feel unimaginable pain , and those who are not born with pure blood can never walk in daylight less they take my blood , half bloods are those who were born with a pure blooded parent and a turned...
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posted by vampiregrrl999
I bet many of wewe are wondering how someone is turned into a vampire. We all know the most maarufu way involving lots of blood sucking (they suck, wewe suck). But if wewe take a look throughout folklore, old customs and tradition throughout the world you’ll learn that there are loads of ways someone was believed to turn into a vampire. Some of these are pretty ridiculous, but hey, people believed anything back in the day.

Before Birth au Shortly After Birth

Born at certain times of the mwaka (like a new moon au a holy day).
Born with red caul, with teeth, au with an extra nipple.
Born with a red...
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posted by Rockgrl
     My name is Aramantha. I am a sixteen mwaka old vampire. I have shoulder length, blonde hair, a tall, flexible pixie-like body, blue eyes, and a crazy vampire family. I have an older brother, four older sisters and a mother. My oldest sister and brother are twins. My older brother is five dakika older than my sister. Their names are Lucine, and Alla. Then comes the triplets, Elvira, Aleera and Verona. My mother’s name is Nardia. We are the last of the Brax family and clan. We live in the small country town of Luckey, Ohio.

Ch.1- New House, New Town
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posted by _Blackhearts_xx
Vampire Bite
I wonder innocently through these dark alleys,
fearing the dark shadows i feel are lurking behind me,
The smell of my flesh and blood rushes through the air,
ive ran for far too long,
Im now out of breath,
i need to rest,
i pause for a moment, finding myself standing directly infront of a brick wall,
how could this be? this wasent here before?
i could swear there was an alley was for me to walk,
i turn, but as i go to head back,
i see another ukuta blocking my path,
have i been trapped?
or is it that i have been captured,
Have these alleys been their bait?
these creatures of the night,
they stand...
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Wanyonya damu are in these days. It's debatable whether they ever really went out-I mean, who hasn't at least gone through a phase where they were entranced kwa vampires? Wanyonya damu are sexy, strong, and forbidden-what could be zaidi fascinating than that? And there are so many Wanyonya damu worlds to choose from now: Twilight, House of Night, Vampire Academy, Vampire Diaries, Vladimir Tod, True Blood, Blue Blood, the van Alen Legacy, Blood Ninja, Blood Coven, and even Buffy and The Lost Boys, who never get old.

It's no wonder so many people want to play in those worlds kwa uandishi fanfiction. Here are a few...
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posted by lauren777222
Hey,I'm Elizabeth Mae Kraik.I'm 13 years old.You know when wewe get to that time in high school where wewe just fit in?Well,the worst thing happen to me that would ruin everything...................................forever. I was just getting off the bus when Amber pushed me off."Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!"I winced in Pain!My leg was twisted oddly but I finished school.Amber Hopkins was tall with reddishh,brownish eyes,red hair and a super cute boyfriend. I got my mom to give me a frozen bag of peas.Then,went to sit in my bed.I read my book,"Vampireology:True History of the Fallen"when I lightly fell asleep.Then,I...
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posted by carlislesnurse2
Original poem kwa me (please excuse if its a bad one but im new at this)

Climbing up these ngome walls
where the light of my candle falls
pulling me deeper into your room
filled with sorrow, filled with gloom

Making but a tiny sound
the wind from your lips blows the candle out

Sitting on juu of the bed,
on your unused mto i rest my head

Your cold pale hand, those bright red eyes
pulling me in and i would never revive
longing and waiting, what takes wewe so long?

The words that wewe answer with make me smile

Then wewe lean in, baring those teeth

Sinking into me without a chance to scream
The red slowly dripping
The moon makes it gleam

without any warning wewe stop and pull away

And kiss me until my mouth tastes of my own blood
my eyes start to flutter

im slipping away

There is no mercy, i can not lie. for it was my choice to die.

On your unused mto i rest my head
As the sun comes out we go to bed.

Smiling with the fangs of the seductive undead.
After Vanessa Woke Up From a Nightmare Of Roselyn Killing Humans, mtu-bweha & Vampires, She Left The House To Find John Thinking He'll Be The One
Who Can Prevent It, She Got Into Her Black Car &
Drive Away, She Went To The cabin, kibanda Where John Lives
She Klocks The Repeatly, John Opens The Door & Sees Vanessa Crying & Look Afraid He Let Her In
*John I Think Dracula Will Do Some To Her* She alisema While Crying, *Calm Down Vanessa* He alisema When He Push Her Body Close To Him To Hug Her,
He Sees Her Bloody Tears Falling Out Of Her Eyes
*listin Maybe If She Stays With Me He Won't* He alisema When...
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posted by arylynn10
Chapter 3
"Finding Nathan"
My sister Myrissa brought me home.She's a junior.You know,high school actually isn't that bad.Today we all got our locker combinations.Luckily Riley and I are only one locker down from each other.Once I got nyumbani I passed out!The inayofuata morning was SATURDAY!Riley,me,and of course,Jason, all went to the movies.My god, does Riley know how to work combat boots au what! Even though we are teenagers we like to see little kid movies. We saw Tangled.In the middle of the movie I went to the bathroom."Riley, I gotta go to the bathroom, tell me what happens" i say very quietly...
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posted by slytherinangel
Believe it au not the first Wanyonya damu actually come from the bible.

Adam's first wife Lillith refused to be dominated kwa him so she left him and went to the red sea where the angels that were sent to collect her and the angels alisema she could stay but it would come with a price. She was to become a witch and the mother of all demons. Cain, who killed his brother went wandering and happened to come across Lillith who was now a beautiful demoness that seduced and drank the blood of men. She showed Cain the power of blood and together they were the first vampires. Their offspring carried on their...
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Wanyonya damu have been maarufu in novels and the sinema for many centuries. Our fascination with Wanyonya damu began in the 1700s, when the bodies of suspected Wanyonya damu were dug up and destroyed. One of the first artistic references to the vampire was in the poem "The Vampire" in 1748. Bram Stoker immortalized the vampire in his novel "Dracula" in 1897. One of the most notable modern literary examples of the vampire is Anne Rice's "Vampire Chronicles," featuring the vampire Lestat. Learn how wewe can write vampire vitabu that will add something new to this maarufu horror sub-genre.
Step 1
Design the world...
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 Sanguinarian Vampire
Sanguinarian Vampire
We have dipped down into the basics of Sanguinarian Wanyonya damu in past posts, and touched on how Sanguinarian Wanyonya damu are people who feel the compulsion au the need to feed on human blood. Generally, Sanguinarians don’t drain their donors completely and they usually only feel the need for a teaspoon au two at a time. Still, even a lack of this small amount can cause some Sanguinarians to go into blood withdrawal overdrive and even cause them to have some pretty serious physical withdrawal symptoms.

Donors for Sanguinarian Wanyonya damu are generally people that the vampire knows personally and has...
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posted by Adritha
“Leon, wait,” Yelled my little sister Yuffie, who was adopted. I was half way out my bedroom window.
“Shush, you’ll wake mom.” I told her
    “But, Leon, wewe shouldn’t sneak out. You’ll get in trouble again.”
    “No, I won’t, unless wewe tell on me again.” I whispered to her.
    “What happens if mom wakes up?” Yuffie asked.
    “Just go back to kitanda and stop worrying about me.” I almost yelled. I jumped the rest of the way out of my window without another word. As I hit the ground I started...
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posted by Dragonclaws
 The poster makes it look a lot sexier than it is.
The poster makes it look a lot sexier than it is.
I downloaded the web original vampire rock musical link… and I liked it. Yeah, I had to make that joke. Seriously, though, I found it mildly entertaining and worth a watch every now and then. It’s basically like a kuvuka, msalaba between High School Musical, which it pays tribute to, and just a generic corny vampire film. One thing I like is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and it’s zaidi humorous because of it. It’s not that good, but it’s cute enough for what it is. My full review follows:

The onyesha starts out with our protagonist: average boy Dylan, ranting to the camera about turning...
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posted by WillLock78
Chapter 8

The limo pulled up outside and honked for Kyle. When he came out, he noticed that Banticate wasn’t with it this time. The driver explained that he had stayed at his apartment to begin preparations for dinner. About twenty-five dakika later, Kyle knocked on Banticate’s door. The door opened, and there was Banticate in a black button down shirt, and black slacks. Kyle immediately felt very underdressed.
“Man stand long time with mouth open waiting for bata to fly in.” Banticate joked. Kyle closed his mouth with an audible snap, and came inside. He just couldn’t get over how...
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posted by WillLock78
Desires Of The Night

The chronicles of the Vampire Banticate

By: William Lockwood

Chapter 1

His name was Banticate. He’s been around so long that he doesn’t have a last name, and can remember what Jesus was like when he was born. He scoffed at the memory; he was always a petulant brat. He was a vampire, the oldest in the world; although you’d never know it kwa looking at him. Perpetually frozen in time at the age of 27. His body tall and slight, his hair long and black, his eyes silver and piercing. He was a killing machine of the highest caliber.
One pleasant evening in August, in a fit of...
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Skylar stared at him disappointed "Please tell me..." Tony looked into her eyes than stared up at the sky "I hate telling this story...But I guess I have to.."

*Flash back*

Lucy looked up at Shadow kissing him goodbye, as Tony strolled up from behind her. Lucy turned around noticing Tony and hugged him tightly, kwa this time Tony and Shadow were best friends, Lucy let go of Tony saying "Hey Whats up?" He smiled down at her he felt very playfully so he poked her in the stomach. As they were having a poking war, Lucy had slipped in a puddle of water, falling backwards she busted her head on the...
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Chapter One

    In the first decades of the 21st century, it would hardly come as a surprise to learn that we are not alone in this vast universe. It is generally accepted that microorganisms populate the cosmos, however the existence of intelligent life beyond our pale, blue dot engenders a zaidi robust debate among scientists, scholars, religious authorities, and the public. Many people are of the opinion that if ET existed we should have heard from him kwa now. The deafening silence screaming out from the void is proof that we are alone in our superior intelligence, as defined...
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posted by Kejiiraa
Arkadith had seen enough. With a pained effort, he pulled himself out of the owl's mind, and the room materialized around him once more. The terrible scream of one of his own still rung in his ears after his vision of the vampire's slaughter had faded. He shook quietly as his body boiled with rage, but it did not spill over. He was not aliyopewa to destroying his possessions on an angry whim, nor was he pacing in the room, tearing at his hair. Only his black eyes betrayed him, the pupils so dilated, they completely engulfed his irises, as pitiless as the owl’s themselves.
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