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1.Ginny is a perfect character (“Mary Sue”), which Rowling hides kwa calling her temperamental.
2. Being temperamental is not a flaw if everyone thinks it’s cute and adorable and it gets wewe a boyfriend.
3. NOBODY can do anything productive without magic.
4. Ginny runs after a train like an idiot even though this isn’t her first time watching the train leave with her brothers. Obviously she’s watch the train leave EVERY SINGLE mwaka OF HER LIFE.
5. Rowling is living out her own fantasies through Hermione, who is clearly herself.
6. The vitabu aren’t well written, just because wewe make up...
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 Harry James Potter
Harry James Potter
This is not my opinion. It's an excerpt from an makala titled link. I have however come across a few people who have voiced the same thing. Just curious to know people's thought on this.

Kenny Herzog

I’ve read all of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books—devoured them, really, because whatever her flaws, the lady does a terrific job at building compulsive narratives and enjoyable worlds. But the zaidi time I spend away from the series, the zaidi its problems get to me, and the biggest problem of them all is the main character himself. Harry is, to put it kindly, an absolute no one. He suffers...
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So I am kusoma reasons as to why Twilight mashabiki think Twilight is better than Harry Potter. I just want to make it clear; there is a big difference between liking one series better than another, and one series actually being better than another. I also want to reply to some of the zaidi common ones I've seen.

"Twilight has zaidi love!"
Okay, Twilight does not have zaidi upendo than Harry Potter kwa any means. Twilight has a lot of obsessive lust, which is often mistaken for love, but they are quite different.

Why is their relationship lust? Why isn't it love?

Well, what do Bella and Edward do together?...
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Let's just get this straight before wewe go harping on my makala because I'm a Twitard. Because I'm not. I'm just getting a little sick of Bella swan being called "too perfect". She's perfect about to the extent that I am a Twilight fan. Which is to say, not at all.

OK, Let me tell wewe a story about a REAL Mary-Sue.

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Anastasia B. Ana was in 6th grade, she was tiny for the age of ten (she skipped kindergarten), she was absolutely adorable, and she was in Gifted and 7th grade math. Boys all loved her, and she could crochet, knit, and she had perfect handwriting....
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Breaking Dawn scene where Bella discovers she's pregnant
Edward Cullen
Breaking Dawn
A hilarious rap battle between Edward and James! Who do wewe think won? :P
Edward Cullen
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Not for young eyes...
Harry Potter
Drago Malfoy
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