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OK, I know wewe guys are thinking: "What?! How dare you! Bella and Edward's upendo is the best and most romantic upendo of all times!111Elevntyone!!!1" And then, you're going to say I'm just some guy who hasn't read the books. I'm not. I'm a teenage girl, and I have read all the books. Even Bree Tanner and that bit of Midnight Sun on Meyer's website.

I'll just discuss the reasons why it's not true love.

Physical Attraction
...And zaidi of it.
Picture this. Our great female lead is in an average high-school cafetaria, surrounded kwa average, high school kids. It's noisy and loud, and she wishes she was...
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I would like to note that anne mchele wrote the entire series before Meyer in case any idea's that anne aliiba it from stephanie __________________________________________________

1. The character louis thinks he deserves to be in hell....hmmmm sound familar to another vampire?Edward perhaps

2.Animal Blood can be drank kwa Wanyonya damu but they prefer human blood in Interview with a Vampire AND Twilight soon followed this way

3. The Wanyonya damu skin dazzles humans apparently....Which is a lot like the sparkling skin that the cullens posess

4. There are immortal children in both of the books. The unnamed children...
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I have read all vitabu and seen the movies.
Most importantly, the fact that it’s ndoto doesn’t excuse the themes and messages in the book. Fiction is merely a vehicle humans developed to communicate important lessons, values and philosophies. I am not claiming any of the implications I discuss were intentional on SMeyer’s part. Whether au not the mwandishi au readers are aware of it, though, the Twilight series communicates dangerous messages about what is acceptable au admirable au desirable.
Also, I highly recommend link. It’s long, but fascinating and deeper than the vitabu themselves....
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Analyzing the Twilight Phenomena

First off, I’d like to mention that I am not a psychologist. Everything wewe read is just my own analyzing and since I am interested in Psychology and Behaviorism I decided to make an makala of what I think is the basic reason for Twilight’s enormous popularity. I hope wewe will enjoy it.

Recently I came across a post at the foramu that alisema about Twilight: ” [it’s] a bit childish to say its a failure, because if it is, then why do so many people (And not just crazy teenage girls either) upendo Twilight huh?”.

I have seen this argument countless of times...
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Credit to _lina_ and cinders, because they did it first. zaidi credit to link because that's where this is from. _lina_ used the same one.


Number 1: Someone tells wewe au he admits that he has hit women in the past. He has talked about his killing sprees, he has killed another woman (Yes, she is a vampire. Who cares?) in front of her. Check!

Number 2: He refers to all women he has dated in the past with derogatory terms. He may also refer to his mother using such terms as well. Not sure about checking this one au not. He says she is the first one he dated, but then he talks of Tanya,...
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