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fanart starting from Lyrics of song "Bliss" kwa Vanessa Paradis
sanaa ya shabiki
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They left emmediatley, running through the halls and out into their cars. “Lisa, what is going on?” He asked once she had gotten him on the road. “My m-mom she-I was talking and-there was nothing-and then-dad.” She cried. “Ok, ok, ok.” He rubbed her back while driving to the airport. “I’ve texted everyone telling them that today was canceled.” She alisema wipping the running mascara and cleaning her face up. He was worried about her and her mother.

They made it to the airport and got firstclass tickets that were open…luckily. It was set to leave in 20 min and security went...
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Hugh grabbed the groceries and started to walk to the front door. The door was open because the house was kinda hot so he just walked in. “Lisa, I never wanted to hurt wewe I just didn’t want to tell wewe either.” Giammario said. “Well, wewe did hurt me! And the fact that wewe told everyone else before me hurts even more!” Lisa screamed. Hugh casually walked into the jikoni which was inayofuata to the dinning room where the fight was occurring. “Oh here’s the bastard now!” Giammario alisema motioning towards Hugh who stopped dead in his tracks. “Hey G. What’s going on?” Hugh asked...
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Ok I am not gonna wait any catch up if wewe please. Otherwise if too much time passes wewe miss the shabiki of it ;) Enjoy but review guys!!!! How am I supposed to know my readers haven't left the spot tired with Hugh & Lisa?! Come on xD

Anyway....things are getting hot *whistles*


“What!? What?!”
David woke up with a start, as someone lightly felt like being slapping him on the cheek.
He sprang mbele and leaned to his knees.
“What?!” he asked again, passing one hand over his face.
He blinked a coupled of times. Katie was looking...
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See? I am getting better at coping with my new life :D
Here's the thing, I have sth like five chaps in a row almost ready. inayofuata one certainly is, and the part 3 is in progress and I think it will be ready kwa Sunday. So if wewe leave a "check" below, I'll know when I can post part 2, alright? Here we go, hope wewe enjoy the tension ;)



David sprawled himself some lower onto the couch. He smiled again “We are gonna see sparks I believe...”
“That’s way I wanna stay around....night’s not over yet”
He abandoned his head backwards...
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Okay so this site hates me and won't let me post a link using the viungo so I'll post it here.

I started uandishi this last week, and wewe can see the viungo below. There are two chapters so far and the third is almost finished. The jist of it is what I think would happen if Lisa came back for the series finale. So don't be afraid to read it and leave maoni on the posts, they're on my live journal, and anonymous maoni are enabled so wewe don't even need an account to comment. I hope wewe like!

Hi guys!!!! :D See? I told wewe I would be back! Now please tell me someone will be kusoma it xD It costs me ages of effort, no kidding, Phew those two are twisted :P Hope wewe like it, that it will make wewe smile and laugh at times au cry. As wewe wish. I don't mind if wewe spill some tears ;)

A previously is very much needed. From where? Alright...the whole Help Me kissing scene it is then if wewe insist :P


Previously on Dec/Dec:

Lisa’s face changed one zaidi time. Like it had done one thousands time before since he knew her. Cuddy and her....
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“So…?” she asked him, glancing up once again “What’s on your mind?”
Hugh stalled for a moment. Then shook his head, smiling feebly “Nothing….nothing, really…I was just…I…”
“You’ve been pretty pensive all night long wewe know….” she cut him off, gently “…and I have seen enough of that look on your face to recognize the signs….” she added smiling with her eyes.
Hugh dropped his jaw a little. Then something began to warm him up.
She crossed her arms over her chest, staring up at him sweetly “…will wewe please let me in?”
A real smile erupted on his face...
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Here we are. Two other chaps in a row. A short one and a longer one. wewe can't complain really :P
BTW not posting the previously cause we left David being a party pooper and walking out of setting. Just two lines to remember wewe all were we left out fav couple :)

She burst out laughing quietly, bringing one hand to her mouth. And once again he couldn’t help himself: he tuck a strand behind her ear, sighing, “You see?” he alisema cherishing the words with his tone “You’ve just shined some zaidi brightly…"

As his fingers brushed across the side of her face, against her skin, Lisa had shivered...
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