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posted by surbhi-sm10
A true quote:

If silence is meant to be the best for all situations...then why we all get so hurt when people don't talk to us??


One of the very true & greatest illusions of life is that....

"we always believe there is zaidi time in tomorrow then today"


We work for making better tomorrow

But when tomorrow comes instead of enjoying again we start thinking for better tomorrow.

Thts life


When we were small we laughed less

But there was infinite hidden happiness as we grow up we learn to laugh zaidi to hide the unspoken sadness

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posted by InvaderStickly
1. Back away from each person saying, "EW! GERMS!"

2. Sit in someone's lap and say, "I'm afraid your going to die, Jimmy."

3. Bring a radio and play screamo music.

4. Every once in a while, ask a doctor, "IS IT MY TURN YET?!"

5. Ask everyone why they're just sitting there.

6. When Dorah comes on, sing the lyrics.

7. Grab toys such as Barbie dolls and scream, "I'M GONNA KILL YOU! Look, Mr. Stuffy Wuff is happy!"

8. Yell, "IT'S A TRAP!" and tackle a bila mpangilio patient.

9. Poke at someone's scab and yell, "IS THIS SCAB EATABLE?!"

10. When your finally called on, yell, "FINALLY! WHERE WERE YOU?!"

11. Go up to...
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These are the results of a countdown I did and the results are different on this club than what I thought it would be since I'm use to klabu such as Disney and dinsey princess shabiki klabu and usually Aurora always wins when it comes to beauty but surpriseingly she didn't win and an honorable mention to our five heroines who didn't make it to the juu 20 sorry girls your lovely but fanpop just didn't find wewe as lovely as the others
25.Tzipporah(The Prince of Egypt)
24.Anna(The King and I)
23.Snow White(Happily Ever After)
21.Meg(Hercules) she's the only Disney heroine not to make...
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posted by dinglebell14
1. Tired of Trying, sick of crying, Ya I'm smiling, but inside I'm dying....

2. I don't use excuses, Don't ask why...
It's just a breakdown, it happens all the time...
So get out of my face, don't even try...
You want to help me? Just let me cry!

3. I don't want to admit it,
It was easier to lie,
And hide the hurt and emptiness,
to smile instead of cry.

4. Nobody really cares if your miserable,
so wewe might as well be happy. :'|

5. Everyones going to hurt you.... sooner au later wewe just have to decide who's worth going through the pain.

6. If someone really loves you,
They will never hurt you,
And if...
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posted by PsychadelicSkye
~A bucket orodha (for those who don't know) is a orodha of things wewe want to do before wewe die.
~This orodha I made is all in FUN
~Not all the things listed are meant to be taken seriously
~Make a orodha of your own if wewe enjoyed this :)

1- Fall in upendo with a werewolf..
2- Write a book about a wizard named Harry Potter and...wait J.K. Rowling already wrote about that...shiz nuggets
3- Write a book about a girl named Bella that falls in upendo with a vampire named Edw- wewe KNOW WHAT I GIVE UP ON uandishi A BOOK! ALL THOSE IDEAS ARE TAKEN now im sad
4- Understand algebra
5-Have my own cooking onyesha ...even...
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Okay so everyone knows that it's the best when your parents absolutely spaz.....especially when u change ur appearance.!!!

So first get a small container of leave in conditioner... the type u put in your hair when its really staticy

Then pick the color chakula dye that u want ( u can mix colors if u want)

inayofuata mix small portions of both until u get the color u want

Finally take a clean mascara brush wand thing( as long as wewe can use it as a comb its fine) and comb it into ur hair

Finally walk down stairs and just casually talk to ur parenst, Marafiki anyone and just soak in the reaction.

The conditioner comes right out and its super quick and fun

There ya go .....i might post a " how to do it" video...hmmm

Anyway.. ENJOY!!1
Hi everyone!

This makala will rank the watu mashuhuri I think are most attractive from least to best. And obviously this is just my opinion :)


10. Bae Suzy

One of the most beautiful K-pop idols. She looks so graceful and sophisticated yet cute at the same time.

9. Gracie Gold

The Olympic dhahabu medalist for figure skating a while back in 2014. Her smile is just adorable :) I want it. And her makeup is awesome; she looks so cute.

8. Elizabeth Taylor

Those eyelashes, those violet eyes, that face, that figure . . . she was just gorgeous overall.

7. Audrey Hepburn

My inayopendelewa classic...
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posted by Hot_n_cold

The Game (noun) - Something wewe just lost.

Science Fair (noun) - A time for parents to onyesha how talented they are.

Laughter (noun) - When a smile has an orgasm.

Irony (adjective) - The opposite of wrinkly.

Period (noun) - Monthly congratulations for having salama sex.

Single (adjective) - A man who makes jokes about women in the kitchen.

Study (verb) - The act of texting, eating and watching TV with an open textbook nearby.

Politics (noun) - 'Poli': latin for "many." 'Tics': blood sucking insects.

Google Translate (proper noun) - The only reason wewe passed your French...
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My friend and I were bored so we wrote this, a parody of the song "Don't Stop Believing" kwa Journey.

just a small town meme, living in a lonely world, took the trolling train going annnyyywhheeerrreee

just a city meme, born and raised in 4chan threads, took the trolling train going anyyyywheeeeree

A troller in a darkened room, the smell of bia and cheap snack fooodds. For a lol they can share the thread. It goes on and on and on and on.

trollers waiting, up and down the reaction pics, n00bs searching knowyourmeme in the night. screenlights memers, living just to find tfw. hiding somewhere in...
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posted by BellaCullen96
"Hi-lite" your shoes. Tell people that wewe haven’t Lost your shoes since wewe did this.
Agree to organize the company krisimasi party. Hold it at McDonald’s Playland. Charge everyone $15 each.
Arrive at a meeting late, say you’re sorry, but wewe didn’t have time for lunch, and you’re going to be nibbling during the meeting. During the meeting eat entire raw potatoes.
Attach a sign that says "FAX" to the paper shredder. Sit and watch to see how many people fall for it.
Bring in dishes that wewe tried to cook but didn’t turn out quite right as special treats for your co-workers.
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I am pondering this question, it is a very difficult one to figure out. I can not seem to think of anything to make an makala on....

2 Hours Later

Wait I think I have an idea coming on... nope I Lost it... wait no I found it again... What if I write an makala about reasons why wewe should do pointe
1. wewe get to be taller
2. wewe can use them in self defense
3. wewe can... what wewe don't think that's a good idea... oh well back to the drawing board...

1 saa Later

Ok what about this... What happened when I invested in Eyepatches... hmmm titles to long how about My Eyepatch Investment.... sounds good......
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posted by NinaDobrev13
- I decided to cancel my Twitter account. I dont want to sound paranoid, but Im pretty sure people are following me.

- I feel like getting something done today, so Im just going to sit here until that feeling passes.

- Have wewe ever had a fly au small bug land on your computer screen and your first reaction is to try and scare it with the cursor?

- I was complimented on my driving today. Someone left a note on my windshield that said, 'Parking Fine'

- I just dropped my laptop off the boat....It's a Dell, rolling in the deep.

- To men, women are just city buses. There's another one every five minutes....
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FRIENDS: Will comfort wewe when he rejects you.

BEST FRIENDS: Will go up and ask him, "It's because you're gay, isn't it?"

FRIENDS: Will be there for wewe when he breaks up with you.

BEST FRIENDS: Will call him up and whisper, "Seven days..." !

FRIENDS: Helps wewe up when wewe fall.

BEST FRIENDS: Keeps on walking saying, "Walk much, dumb ass?"

FRIENDS: Helps wewe find your prince.

BEST FRIENDS: Kidnaps him and brings...
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posted by KatelynBrown
[This is pretty neat how it works out... DON’T CHEAT kwa SCROLLING DOWN FIRST... It takes less than a minute... Work this out as wewe read... Be sure wewe don’t read the bottom until you’ve worked it out...]

1. First of all, pick the number of times a week that wewe would like to have chokoleti (try for zaidi than once but less than 10) ...

2. Multiply this number kwa 2 ...

3. Add 5 ...

4. Multiply it kwa 50. I’ll wait while wewe get the calculator ...

5. If wewe have already had your birthday this mwaka (2013) add 1763 *; If wewe haven’t, add 1762 *...

6. Now subtract the four digit mwaka that wewe were born ...

wewe should have a three digit number ...

The first digit of this was your original number (i.e. how many times wewe want to have chokoleti each week) ...

The inayofuata two numbers equal ...


If wewe don't believe, check this website:


Your demigodishness,
So, for no reason whatsoever I decided to make an little thing about how I think each of my inayopendelewa characters would react to a “modern day” zombie apocalypse. I say modern because some of these characters are from past au ndoto time frames.

Regina Mills (Once Upon A Time): I can totally see her being that one person who keeps finding her way down shit creek—and naturally she doesn’t have a paddle either. Basically she’s the one who bad things keep happening to. For instance she’s the one who finds a stellar getaway car and it’s loaded with gas. But naturally, when she needs...
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posted by Bluekait
A guy calls a company and orders their 5-day, 5kg weight loss program. The inayofuata day, there's a knock on the door and there stands before him a voluptuous, athletic, 19 mwaka old babe dressed in nothing but a pair of Nike running shoes and a sign around her neck.

She introduces herself as a representative of the weight loss company. The sign reads, "If wewe can catch me, wewe can have me."

Without a sekunde thought, he takes off after her. A few miles later puffing and puffing, he finally gives up. The same girl shows up for the inayofuata four days and the same thing happens. On the fifth day, he weighs...
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1. Walk into the classroom like a super spy. (keep your back on the walls as wewe walk, point your finger up like a gun, look around with shifty eyes, hum the mission impossible theme, etc.)

2. After everything your teacher says, ask why.

3. If your teacher is yelling at a classmate, wait for them to finish their tantrum then ask” DOES SOMEBODY NEED A HUG?????” very loudly.

4. If your teacher starts blowing up at wewe for saying that simply reply “Wow, I can tell you’re a blast at parties”

5. Dress up like L (Death Note) and walk in with no shoes.

6. If your teacher asks “why aren’t...
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posted by Gangster-Girl
- Wax the ceiling
- Rearrange political campaign signs
- Sharpen your teeth
- Play Houdini with one of your siblings
- Braid your dog's hair
- Clean and polish your belly button
- Water your dog...see if he grows
- Wash a tree
- Knight yourself
- Name your child Edsel
- Scare Stephen King
- Give your cat a mohawk
- Purr
- Mow your carpet
- Play Pat Boone records backwards
- Vacuum your lawn
- Sleep on a kitanda of nails
- DON'T toss and turn
- Boil ice cream
- Run around in squares
- Think of quadruple entendres
- Speak in acronyms
- Have your mto X-rayed
- Drink straight shots...of water
- Calmly have a nervous...
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posted by lucius_malloy
"We must start with the children."
- Doris Twitchell Allen

Some history
In 1946, Dr. Doris Allen had an idea that eventually came to change the lives of thousands of children and adults across the globe. If kids were aliyopewa the chance to learn about other cultures and make international friends, they would kwa default, be less willing to fight alisema friends. Thus they would choose to work towards world peace.
What started out as a single camp with delegates from eight countries in 1951 has now expanded to seven different international activities, with over 190,000 people having participated in over...
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1. They are very weird people.
2. There are billions of them in the world, like colors on the screen of your computer.
3. They will analyse conversations in layers.
4. wewe will spend the siku assembling furniture from IKEA.
5. They drink and eat all kinds of weird shit just because they like the packaging.
6. They hate each other.
7. You’ll come out the last out of the sinema because wewe have to see the full orodha of credits.
8. They cant change a light bulb au without making a sketch.
9. They fuck up all the tables with their cutters.
10. They rather study the paisley pattern on your outfit than listen...
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