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8theGreat alisema kuhusu bila mpangilio
TFW Your cat is the most adorable thing and wewe just want to snuggle her but wewe put an essential oil blend on a rash and those are really bad for Cats so wewe can't snuggle her for her own good BUT SHE'S TOO CUTE UGH
This is true pain. ilitumwa masaa 12 yaliyopita
Mauserfan1910 ametoa maoni…
Your cat is cute, but not quite as cute as wewe masaa 12 yaliyopita
8theGreat alisema kuhusu bila mpangilio
I took screenshots of most of everything that happened except the really hivi karibuni stuff so hopefully we can look back on this for years to come. ilitumwa siku 16 zilizopita
8theGreat ametoa maoni…
Right now I'm way too cold to continue and need to lay down with blankets and art things. siku 16 zilizopita
TheLefteris24 ametoa maoni…
It seems that this siku will be preserved for the inayofuata generation of Fanpoppers to come. Let them know what kind of people their predecessors truly were. I feel so proud right now !!!! siku 16 zilizopita
Referee_Of_Hope ametoa maoni…
Wow, seems like things escalated pretty quickly in here XD siku 16 zilizopita
zanhar1 ametoa maoni…
I can get the rest of the screencaps of wewe want lol. siku 16 zilizopita
8theGreat alisema kuhusu bila mpangilio
Little Witch Academia was the worst anime to come out of 2017 ilitumwa siku 16 zilizopita
THaSlimJim ametoa maoni…
8thegreat u r 100 percent not a cup of ramewn ok? siku 16 zilizopita
8theGreat ametoa maoni…
ooooohhhh noooooo we all know how much I loved being a cup of ramen... siku 16 zilizopita
TheLefteris24 ametoa maoni…
It is not surprise since it was made kwa filthy Satanists who worship Memes. wewe should stay away from it !!!! siku 16 zilizopita