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Welcome to this week's installment of "Everything I Like is Kind of Expensive for Some Reason", the only onyesha where we follow 8theGreat in her endless journey of falling-head-over-heels in upendo with things that she isn't sure she can afford! ilitumwa siku 14 zilizopita
8theGreat ametoa maoni…
Long story short, I recently discovered that I really, really, really like gouache paint. But I think I would have to go a little bit out of my price range to get something that I would really want to start out with. I could still afford it but I'm not entirely sure if it's worth it because that means less brand. siku 14 zilizopita
Mauserfan1910 ametoa maoni…
I'll buy it for you, but only in exchange for something ;) siku 14 zilizopita
8theGreat alisema kuhusu bila mpangilio
Tfw no kobe, kasa hat ilitumwa siku 16 zilizopita
wantadog alinipa heshima za my images
Forgot to give wewe your heshima but wewe won another round of the ikoni Contest. 3 in a row. Whattaya want the inayofuata round to be. Congratulations! ilitumwa siku 18 zilizopita