fanpopping tangu November 2013

  • Female, 23 years old
  • Marekani
  • Favorite TV Show: nyota Trek TOS, Psych, Robin kofia BBC, Code geass, Darker than black, Zankyou no terror, Kim possible, Invader Zim, Sym bionic titan
    Favorite Movie: Lotr/hobbit, Ben hur, Ten commandments, BATB, ROTG, Treasure planet
    Favorite Musician: Red
    Favorite Book or Author: Ella Enchanted, Artemis Fowl, Alex Rider, And then there were none, [insert anything that Brandon Sanderson published]
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whatsupbugs alinipa heshima za my pop quiz questions
I hope wewe have a wonderful weekend. ilitumwa siku 2 zilizopita
kingcesar67 alinipa heshima za my articles
Aw but the fact that you’re online brightens my day!
I have not seen either sinema but I have seen Avengers Endgame and I really enjoyed it!
Thank wewe for your lovely fast response and I hope you’re doing well! ilitumwa siku 5 zilizopita
kingcesar67 ametoa maoni…
However, I wouldn’t mind talking about either with wewe 😊 siku 5 zilizopita
Lanalamprouge ametoa maoni…
😄 watched endgame too! Loved that one * captain america moment if ya get ma drift siku 5 zilizopita
kingcesar67 ametoa maoni…
Oh yes, I defintely get your drift *wink* ;) siku 5 zilizopita
whatsupbugs alinipa heshima za my comments
Thank wewe for your comment. Do wewe have a inayopendelewa scene from the film? ilitumwa siku 5 zilizopita
Lanalamprouge ametoa maoni…
When nunnally and lelouch met again in c's world. I am a freaking sucker for their siblingship and all their scenes made my moyo so happy and sad. Also that dakika long blush from c2 because omg. She was so endearing. I loved shamna reaching for the orby thing and ranting about how she wanted to be the first person and make shalio a god. They were goood villains!!!# siku 5 zilizopita