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i just started kusoma the wiki page aaaaannnnnd "emptiness as the foundation of duality." o_o au at least that's how some people have predicted yin and yang they'll put a centermost dot in the middle of the symbol to onyesha that apparently but i'm feeling a Deep Convo topic coming out of that l o l. apparently the "taijitu" consists of five other elements au parts so the yin yang symbol represents only the sekunde part of this and wewe know what i'll just bookmark this page so we can look ilitumwa siku 4 zilizopita
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at it together on the phone ajdahdg it's really interesting shit dude i can't even type all my thoughts. well i can. but a bitch, kahaba is lazy. lol. siku 4 zilizopita
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to you? i don't h A V E to i just do what am i saying hahah.
i upendo wewe so much. we'll be the death of each other. we'll go together. there ain't a me without a you. is that a song quote? probably. ☯ :))))))))))))
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me: *tries to make a metaphor out of anyfuckingthing. also uses the word fuck zaidi than absolutely necessary. has 10+ uses for it and more*
did i just make a meme outta myself? jen is a bad influence i stg. kjdjajk dad was talking to me f o r e v e r excuse the year-length span between my wallposts even though wewe probably won't even see this until it becomes embarrassing to admit always excuse my nonresponces to your texts lol i'm coming in a mo. ajdsagh why do i have to explain this
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