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xoheartinohioxo alisema kuhusu Leyton Family<3
Guys, if wewe see this, go to the bottom of the page and click the CONTACT US link and send fanpop a message about the problem uploading images!! It's getting ridiculous how often it's happening and I'm tired of not being able to make the picks I'd like to make because picha aren't uploading again.

I've tried on multiple spots so it's clearly a site issue. I politely informed them of the issue and asked that they try to resolve it. ilitumwa siku 12 zilizopita
marakii alisema …
I upendo the movie<333, I honestly thought it would be some kind of cliche but I loved how it played out & I literally didn't expect half of the things happening in it so it was a beautiful surprise :D. Plus, it felt so natural with these two actors and I'm a sucker for this upendo trope<3 I was honestly mind blown when I first saw it! ilitumwa siku 13 zilizopita
xoheartinohioxo ametoa maoni…
Yeah I loved it instantly ♥ I had seen clips of Alex/Rosie used in multifandom video and thought they looked interesting, but I had no idea of most of the actual plot!! Lily & Sam really did have excellent chemistry <3 siku 13 zilizopita
dianama97 alisema …
Hi! Sorry for the late response, fanpop has never been an easy place to talk on. Do wewe mind if I add wewe on Tumblr? It's much easier to talk there.
Thank wewe so much, though, I'd upendo to talk zaidi and get to know you. Your ikoni is beautiful btw! ilitumwa mwezi moja 1 uliopita