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posted by simpleplan
Since I write songs I figered I should share one with wewe guys if wewe like it i may post others :P


Stand tall and try not to regret anything wewe did wrong when the world is cracking under your feet just hold on well I promise wewe somehow I will follow through I will do anything to save wewe maybe we’re making a big mistake your falling in the water I try to grab your hand well I miss again now we're falling well i promise wewe some siku I will follow through I will do anything to save 20 feet we fall when will we hit the ground sun shines above waterfalls make so many sounds but I still...
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Ever wondered what the mighty GemonkDruid, after a long tiring siku of annoying her fellow Fanpoppers, circles on her TV guide with a big red, "WATCH!" written inayofuata to it.

The answer is nothing, because she does not watch network TV, let alone has a TV guide. She does bootleg and watch her inayopendelewa shows on the TV tho.

And what exactly does she watch? A mix of things, most definitely a few Chinese soap operas courtesy of her parents (she cannot understand most of it though), a bit of sitcoms, but the some of the real shows she really gets into are -

... What the fuck are wewe doing on my article?...
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posted by emilyroxx
Okay, so everyone probably knows that Google has this thing where it tries to guess what
you’re searching kwa picking the most searched entries. Some of them are
kind of ridiculous, so I decided to have some fun with it. I typed in
“Are there,” closed my eyes, and picked a bila mpangilio letter of the alphabet.
Here were the results, and my answers:

First, I just put the results for “Are there.”

Are there aliens?
I think so.
Are there snakes in Ireland?
What do wewe mean are there snakes in Ireland?
Are there tigers in Africa?
Are there snakes in Hawaii?
There are probably going to be snakes...
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posted by CheekyCheese
1. How old will wewe be in five years?
17 years old

2. Who did wewe spend at least two hours with today?
My Mum?

3. How tall are you?
I don't really know...

4. What do wewe look mbele to most in the inayofuata six weeks?
Half term and mine and my Marafiki birthdays!

5. What's the last movie wewe saw?
Umm...probably Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

6. Who was the last person wewe called?
My Mum

7. Who was the last person to call you?
My friend Dani

8. What was the last text message wewe received?
Some bitch, kahaba who I don't even like bitching.

9. Who was the last person to leave wewe a voicemail?
I have no idea :...
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Funny nukuu and stiff
I will only stop being your friend when a mute guy tells a deaf guy that a blind guy saw a legless guy walk on water.
Learn the rules so wewe know how to properly break them
You have enemies? Good. That means wewe stood up for something sometime in your life.
Those are my principals, and if wewe don't like them...
... well i have others.
I upendo irony. wewe know what's ironic? How the people who know the least about wewe have the most to say.
War doesn't determine who's right. War determines who's left.
Dear McDonald's Cashier,
Stop looking at me like that. Last time i checked,...
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posted by wotcher-tonks
I just have a few things to say.

I upendo wewe guys!

I upendo the Biggerstaffs so much!

You guys are the best, craziest, most awesomesauce family ever!

The Biggerstaffs will always be on top.

Every single one of wewe is amazing and wonderful in your own way! I'm so glad wewe are apart of my life! wewe guys make me happy! And really, it's such a nice feeling to know that if I ever feel like I have nobody, I still have all of you. I hope wewe all know that all of wewe always have the Biggerstaffs!

GD, I apologize for driving wewe to suicide! I never meant to. :D Buuut...I want to say thanks to you! wewe were...
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posted by xDark_Angelx
“I’m looking for…Wendell and Monica Wilkins.”

The man behind the hotel dawati looked up, his eyes watching her above his wire-rimmed glasses. A flicker of wariness filled his eyes. At first, he remained silent. She gulped, and she swali even being here. Is this all worth it? I’m wasting their time. They…

Her thoughts were interrupted kwa the man’s abrupt reply: “Room 51B-fourth floor. Hallway to the left. wewe a relative of theirs?”

Hermione breathed deeply, forcing away any tears. “Yes. Th-thank you, sir.”

The man nodded and waved her away for the inayofuata person behind her....
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Source: ... I forgot.
The Little Mermaid

In the original version, the Little Mermaid feels an indescribable amount of pain every time she takes a step - due to a curse the witch put on her.
The Little Mermaid has a mother in the original - her mother is dead in the Disney version.
The Captain that the mermaid falls in upendo with marries another woman (whom he had been in upendo with in the first place) - in the Disney version the Little Mermaid gets the prince!
The Little Mermaid's sisters offer her a kisu to kill the prince so she can return to the see in the original.
The Little Mermaid dies at the end (turns into...
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posted by GemonkDruid
NOTE: If wewe are sensitive with blatant racism against whites and Asians, then a. Why are wewe still Marafiki with me? and b. stop kusoma this article. I will not deal with people being all butthurt about this.

So kwa now, I think wewe all know that Asian parents get all uptight and pissed about grades. I mean, white parents, they don't care. They're like:

White kid: Mom I got an A
Mother: *golf clap* That's great honey! *proceeds to bake cookies*
White kid: Mom I got a B
Mother: *golf clap* That's great honey! *proceeds to bake cookies*
White kid: Mom...I got a C
Mother: ... That's great honey! *accidentally-on-purpose...
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posted by _naiza
Hey, peeps, I decided to write my own makala because aparently, I have nothing zaidi interesting to do. So here we go.

1. Not everyone likes carnaval here.
2. Almost everybody here hates Argentinean people. Most people don't know why but they do.
3. Alligators don't walk down the street.
4. We just have two seasons: when it's raining and when it's not raining.
5. We doesn't sleep in the middle of the jungle.
6. Every Brazilian movie that suceed in other countries talk about sex and/or crime.
7. Every Brazilian song that suceed in other countries have annoying beat and the lyrics talks about being...
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Not sure about all the different fanpop users out there? Check out this handy guide! Have a look at some of the extremes of Fanpop-dom without even having to meet users like these. Also, not trying to offend anyone with this, this is just for fun, :)

The Obsessed Fan: As guessable kwa the name, this mashabiki level of fandom goes above and beyond normal fans. They are likely to have a jina la mtumiaji that pertains to their obsession somehow. Ex: TwiEdwardLuvr, GagaMonster, Shakespeare4Life, etc. (Note: just because someone has a jina la mtumiaji pertaining to a certain fandom does not automatically classify someone...
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So as wewe all know, I grew up in America, Las Vegas to be exact, and then I moved back to my nyumbani nation, Australia. And during primary school, no-one was particularly curious, but high school is a whole different story. Below are some stupid maswali I got and my reactions:

1. Were wewe born in America?

(No, motherfucker.)

2. Were your parents from America au something?

(Yeah, of course, they're definitely not Asian, I was adopted. /sarcasm.)

3. So, like, how many pairs of shoes did wewe buy from New York?

(I've never been to motherfucking New York in my life.)

4. So like, are wewe from the 'hood'?...
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posted by GemonkDruid
They wanna grip the cross,
Make cavities,
And just because it purely is a crime
We full-on freak the cops, that causality
And break the walls of cryogenic slime

She alisema come on, come on, kiss my battery,
Come on, come on, I’ll be your android girl,
She alisema come on, come on, kiss my battery,
Come on, come on and fuck this whole wide world.

Nah, this isn't gonna be an makala about MCR's song. This is gonna be an makala about the fuckery that is the school bus system. (Hence the title: Fuck The Wankers That Drive School Buses)

Now, I don't know how wewe imagine school buses here in the Great Down Under,...
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 A nerd and a dork mixed
A nerd and a dork mixed
Introduction: While in Kate's room Best and I begaun to make up our own words, now us Biggerstaffs can use them claim they're real words... for we now have Zan and Best's Biggerstaff Dictionary Of Awsome Epicness And Magical Wonder!

Giemongomous - really really big

Complasult - when someone complaments and inults wewe at the same time

Prefectify - the act of making something perfect

Prefectanomial - the thing being prefected

Jumo - The act of dancing out a window, Water created it kwa making a typo when typing jump.

Animeies - The plural of anime....
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posted by boolander25
 a list? of epicosity? MUST READ.
a list? of epicosity? MUST READ.
Everyone ships someone together. In order from lesser shipping to MOST SHIPPED OF ALL, these are mine.^^
Peter Pan/Wendy

Say what wewe want, cliche au whatever, but I totally ship these two together. Sure, Wendy's a Mary-Sue. I don't care. The chemistry between these two is great and wewe can't deny it.

Sarah and Jimmy

Yes, there is a pairing from EEnE that doesn't involve me that I am proud to ship. Even if I ship a pair of 6 (??IDFK??) mwaka olds together, so what? Suck it....
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added by simpleplan