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Chris: Welcome back to TDVN! Last time we met the 44 comtestents and the teams. They are now heading to the cliff for their first challage! How will win a prize. Who will go home? All this and zaidi on this episode of Total! Drama! Ventrans! Vs.! Newbies!

The group sat at the base of the cliff.

Chris: wewe must climb the kilima while Chef shoots at you.

The teams began to climb. Courtny decided to trip Gwen. Gwen fell leaving 43 left. Courtny laughed then she was shoot.

Scott: Courtny looks interesting. Maybe for an alliance.

Courtny: Yeah I tripped my own teammate over bitterness on internatial...
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Mike took Ally's right hand and kneeled on his knee. He gazed into Ally's crystal blue eyes and started pouring his moyo out.

"Since the first time I first saw you..I thought you'd be just a regular sweet and awesome girl that would think of me as a freak. But after we found out zaidi about each other, I now know your sweet, caring, beautiful, angelic and pure enough to be an angel.Your everything to me..your my everything. Your the reason I'm even alive today. I always upendo to wake up and see your smiling face.. I upendo wewe zaidi than ever.. " Mike dug into his pocket and took out a small,...
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a heatherxnoah story
    (the other siku i was watching tv when i came across zoey 101 well in the ep. a couple where datein but they didn't want any1 2 know so i made a re mix of that and hear it is)
heathers p.o.v
    as i walked down the hall way of my new school that chris had bought just 4 the ppl that went 2 tdi, i hated it onley 1 lunch meza, jedwali and 22 seats in every class room i never got away from thes ppl siku after siku after siku i hated them and they hated me but some how i was regrentin it did i relly want EVERY1 2 hate me.i...
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