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posted by NoahxCourtney77
Noah's P.O.V
I remember the first siku at camp Wawanaka. I reconized Courtney right away. She's easy to remember. And besides, she's always giving me dirty looks in school. Why? Well it all started Freshaman year. It was pretty obious that she was the smartest girl and I was the smartest guy. We were both running for class president. I won. She was mad. Well, zaidi then mad. Everytime she saw me she'd eaither look away, try to trip me, au jut give me dirty looks. It wasnt just the election though. It was everything. We were in the same class since pre-school all the way to high-school. And we competed at EVERYTHING. Who wrote better, who had zaidi friends, who had the best birthday partys. Childish stuff. But for some reason she was uigizaji so nice. To everyone. I needed to find out what was going on. And fast.
posted by DandC4evacute
I've been meaning to make this orodha for a while now. My opinion has changed quite a bit, PLEASE don't bash my opinion, but don't just make maoni like, "good job", and stuff like that. Also, I just wanna say that I don't think ANY of the girls are ugly, they are passable at worst. And I think ALL of the girls on this orodha are BEAUTIFUL. Okay! Here we go!
10. Izzy This girl is an underrated beauty. First of all I upendo her long curly red hair, she has the best hair out of ANY of the TD girls! I also upendo her green eyes, if I didn't have blue eyes, I would want green eyes. Her smile is pretty...
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"Welcome the three new contestants on total drama." Chris said.
Serenity,Anna-lee,and Joey stepped out of a boat. "So where's the money?" Asked Serenity with her hand out. "Never made any promises." Chris said. "Welcome returning contestants Lindsay,Duncan,Lightning,mike,Zoey,Cameron,Scott,Gwen,Courtney,and Geoff." alisema Chris. "First challenge is to find your cabins first, the other team wait! We need teams!" alisema Chris. Ok team uhh crap is mike,lightning,Scott,Duncan,Lindsay,Gwen, and Zoey. "Crap what kinda of sha-name is that? Asked Lightning. "Team uhh song is Geoff,Cameron,Anna-Lee,Joey,Serenity,Courtney,and...
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posted by nocofangirl218
It's....EPISODE 5!!!!!!! Wow, I never thought I'd be saying that. ^^' Anyway, I'm really sorry it takes forever for these updates, but....schools coming up, and I'm totally stressing about it! Anyway, I'll try and update this when school starts, might be awhile.

Anyway, please enjoy the episode! ^u^


*at elemination ceromony*

Chris: *walks up to podeum* Well, Explosions, I expected a better winning streak from wewe guys.

Alex: Well, if GRIFFON wouldn't have been easily distrackted, we wouldn't even be here...
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    Its was crazy, we never kissed this long, but i could't break away, we kissed even longer, then after a long time we stop but gave fast small kisses. i was brething very fast, and so was she, it was crazy. i moved so that, i wasn't on juu of her any more. she moved over and put her hand on my chest, i put mine on her middle back, i looked over '4:22 AM' it had been a very long kiss. After a while i finley fell asleep.
Chapter 3: Telling the world and Dad
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Here are the 20 littlest-known facts about Duncan.

What can I say, I like randomness.

Don't leave bad maoni on this. Please. I just wanted to do something random.

1. His name is Duncan.

2. He is a deliquent.

3. He is a guy.

4. He likes Courtney.

5. He is from Total Drama Island.

6. He is on Total Drama Action.

7. He is a bully.

8. He goes to Juvy.

9. He is Marafiki with Gwen.

10. He pranked Harold.

11. He is from Canada.

12. He is a Canadian Cartoon.

13. He will never read this article.

14. He has lotsa fans.

15. He will never jiunge FanPop.

16. He is on the Screamingn Gaffers.

17. He was on the Killer Bass.

18. He is not a girl.

19. Gwen called him pyschochotic.

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Reality Check! Survivor! Well, Australian survivor. Here, our 24 contestants had to stay in the 110 degree heat, in the siku time, and the 21 degree heat at night, with no water. A snake peed in Jordan's mouth, Vincent saw something and freaked out, and fawn fainted kwa doing jumping jacks. In the end, Jason's team was so annoyed kwa his contestant cussing, that they voted him off. Who will win? Who will lose? Who will think this episode was so last season? Find out right now on Total... Drama... Reality Check!

(theme song)

(Team Fake Boy's Trailer)
Blake: So Vincent....
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Chris: Last time on Total Drama Around the World! Italy! Here the contestants made a pizza and pasta, tambi dinner! The girls on Team Italy actually wanted to lose to get Draven eliminated. And boy was Draven mad. Also, Layla made Joss kiss her which made Liza mad. In the end, it was Fawn's falt for making her team lose because man Draven made that chakula GREAT! But in the end, It was Draven being sent packing. Now, Team Italy only has 4 girls while Team Germany has 7 players. Time to change that. Who will win? Who will lose? Find out right now on Total... Drama... Around the World!

(Theme song)

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posted by noahnstar1616
I know that my last makala was EXTREMELY suck-ish, okay let's face it. It extremely sucked!

But, this makala has everyone's inayopendelewa characters...Owen and Gwen!

Enjoy! :)
Owen and Gwen arrived at the set from "One Flu Over the Cuckoos".

Gwen said, "Why are we here?"

Owen said, "Because I didn't know where else to go."

Gwen said, "Well I'm out of here. wewe coming, Owen?" Pulls door handle. "You've got to be kidding me."

Owen said, "What?"

"The door is locked."

"Let me see." Gwen moved so Owen...
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posted by nocofangirl218
Here is what I think the TD charecters listen 2! I'll even tell u why I think it's that persons theme song! Hope wewe all enjoy!

1) Noah - Viva la vida kwa Coldplay
Reason: It's a quiet song, and he's a quiet guy.

2) Cody - Almost kwa Bowling for Soup
Reason: I can totally see him sinning this to Gwen.

3) Izzy - Circus kwa Britney Spears
Reason: She's the ring-leader of team E-scope.

4) Ezekiel - Amish paradise kwa Weird al" yankovic
Reason: How he lived back home.

5) Gwen - Cruch, crush, crush kwa paramore
Reason: Reminded me of her when I listned 2 it.

6) Geoff - Party like a rockstar kwa duka Boyz
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My Reward kwa Hail the Villain

Gave up my loving for all that I’m hating
Hating the loving I gave
Oh terrified kwa the horrible lies
Lies the evil we’ve made

Wake up! I’m sweating, I’m burning, I’m dreading
Dreading the life that I hate
There was a time when at least I was winning
Living a life that’s okay

Here’s my reward for your life
That wewe gave me

Let me upendo you
Fear and blame you
Let me upendo you
Scar and burn you

Started defending, was seeing the ending
Finished before it began
Came in deceiving, left here believing
I am a terrible man

Wake up! I’m sweating, I’m burning, I’m dreading
Dreading this horrible trend
Now that I see that your moyo is for loving
Why did I break it again?

Here’s my reward for your life
That wewe gave me

Let me upendo you
Fear and blame you
Let me upendo you
Scar and burn you


Let me upendo you, fear and blame you
Let me upendo you, SCAR AND BURN YOU! x4
Kuki: Welcome! All the teams are slit up!

Ray: The merge already!?

Kuki: Nope! Your going in 5 different teams! Team Exploding Victory is Jared,Katie,Saphira,Ryan and Riley!

Jared: Alright!
Saphira: Cool!

Kuki: Team Dynamite amazon is Harold,Cody,Noah,Jude and DJ!

Kuki: Exploxion Gophers are Lisa,Ray,LeShwana,Cedric and Heather!

Kuki: Dynamite bass, besi is Annie,Lindsay,Cody,Jessica and Venessa

Kuki: And team Exploding Grips are Izzy,Eva,Bridgette,Trent and Beth!

Rikki: Umm what team am I on?

Kuki: NONE! YOUR VOTED OFF! *Pushes Rikki out the RV* Your challenge is a fairy tale! The first part is a prince and...
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Jordan: Guys i fill like votting off Alejandro i know it would be wasting my vote but he is so mean!
Rayven: wewe know what......... I'm with you.
Bridgette: me too.
Natalie: I'm in!

*elmation room*

Chris: sicen this is the finle 10 to celabrate i will onyesha each and everyone of wewe who votted for who.
Ray: what???????? So not far!
Chris: so is fare!


Jordan: Voting off Alejandro

Bridgette: Alejandor! wow! that felt so good!

Raven: WHAT THE CRAP, CHRIS!!!??? Everyone I wanted to vote off has invecnability...well Buddy never did anything to make me want him off so wewe can scratch his name of...
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 Rikki and Melisa (Melisa's the red-head)
Rikki and Melisa (Melisa's the red-head)
This is what my OC Melisa would have been imba in the Slap Slap Revolution episode if it was her and not Sierra.

One, two, three, slap my knee.

DJ is my husband to be.

Four, five, six, kick up sticks.

Gonna onyesha DJ ALL my best tricks.

Seven, eight, nine, straighten my spine.

So I can see DJ lookin' so fine.

Ten, eleven, twelve, nothing rhymes with twelve.

I wanna wrap, upangaji pamoja up DJ and keep. Him. ALL to MY-SELF!!

(Click here for the original song: link )
posted by blenson555
 Sue's fiend Rose
Sue's fiend Rose
Rachlle:God i'm bored now!How many zaidi days do we have to blend in?Tiffany:3,3 zaidi days Rachlle.Sue:God Tif,u look down!What's wrong?Tiffany:I want to meat a new friend!Sue:Well,in 2 hours I have to meet up with Rose,u can com with me!Tiffany:Really?!Sue:Sure!Tiffany:Thanks!Your a real friend!Sue:Well u did pick out this "Great"oufit?Tiffany:Ok?Rachlle:Oh crap!I have to go valenteer down at the children's hospital,Mary-Anne's!Bye!*Runs away down there*Sue:Well,lets go see Rose!*1 saa later*Sue:Hey,rose!Rose:Hi!Who the hell is she?Tiffany:Hey!I'm Tiffany Lently!Sue:My new friend!Rose:Oh!Hey!Tiffany:Hi!Rose:Sue,u look like a fucking nerd!Sue:I know!Rose:Why?Tiffany:No reason!Heh!Rose:Ok?Lets go put minure in the pool!Tiffany:Ew!Putting shit in the pool?!Is that why were here sue?Sue:Ya!Tiffany:Ew!Part 8:Poopy pool coming soon!
posted by StarWarsFan7
On the first day, all of the contestants were asleep but that changed.

Chris: *through microphone* EVERYBODY UP, UP, UP, UP, GET UP!!!!!

Everyone: Oh MY GOD!!!

Chris: *carrying a baby doll*

Everyone comes in their pajamas.

Rayven: Chris...

Ray: Is that....

Bree and Erica: A BABY!?

Chris: No, it's just a doll. That's what today's challenge is about. 4 people will be "married" and the others will have to babysit a baby doll and take care of it like a real baby. Lucy and Jordan will be a couple that's "married". Bree and Leeroy will be a "married" couple. Now all of wewe will have to take these babies. *throws some boy and girl baby dolls*
chris:ok!now,you challenge is to go on a scavenger hunt.The first team to find the most items,wins!Here's the orodha of items (hands orodha to everybody.)

now,ill give wewe 2 dakika to make a,GO!

(at the screaming guests) about we mgawanyiko, baidisha into 2 teams of 5?

izzy:what about 5 teams of 2?

trent:i think the first one is better.

heather:so,what are the teams?

zoey:how about me,brooke,rayven,trent,and annie.and the rest?

trent:sounds cool.


(at the killer house keepers)

penny:i say we got into 5 teams of 2,so we can mgawanyiko, baidisha up more,and cover...
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*At the camp moto pit*

Chris: Okay there are two teams, the good team and the evil team. And here they are... The good team is... Alex,Penny,Rebecca,Lisa and lulu. The TDI characters on the good team are... Cody,Geoff,Lindsay,Katie and Bridgette.

The people on the evil team are... Rayven,Jared,Jade,Annie and Aydan. The TDI characters on the evil team are... Duncan,Alejandro,Heather,Courtney and Izzy.

Chris: Okay everybody the first challange will kwa the dock in one hour!

*Stay tuned for part 3! Chris will anounce the first challange*
posted by TDIlover4ever
Name: Izzy

Likes: Burning things

Dislikes: Being rejected kwa boys that she's stalking

Known For: Howling at the full moon

Why TDI?: Willing to do whatever it takes to win, even camp out on the producers doorstep

Izzy has been described kwa those who know her a a "wingnut", a "phsycho hosebeast", and "some kind of crazy". For as long as she can remember, she's been a big shabiki of "the witching hour". Her parents once awoke at midnight to find 1 mwaka old Izzy shaking the bars of her crib, and howling at the full moon. They soothed her back to sleep with her inayopendelewa lullabies - horror movie soundtracks;...
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chris:last time on total drama dynamite...our contestants had to swim!but kate couldn't so it was bye bye kate....who will be the winner?!find out now on total drama dynamite!the FINAL 2:megan,and selena!with everyone else voted off...these are our 2 finalists!
chris approached megan and selena:your FINAL challange a battle over a boiling pot of lava!
selena pushed megan off...
chris:selena wins total drama dynamite!
congratulations selena!(aka duncanxgwenyay)
chris:now..this season is FINNALLY OVER!