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send nudessss <3 ilitumwa miezi 9 iliyopita
14K alisema …

Please don't post any heshima here anymore, message me to contact me.
If I don't reply within 10 days ; wewe can contact me through social apps, as I'm currently done with Fanpop. Only God knows when I will be back, Life is crushing me so hard that I can hardly see the light.

My social apps are ;
Instagram: kenn_yadayada
PSN (PlayStation): kenntan0220
WeChat: JJ_b0y (that's not a O, it's a 'zero')
Facebook: Kenn Tan ilitumwa miezi 9 iliyopita
14K alisema …
To my Marafiki that waited for my reply;

I'm sorry I didn't reply, please note that I have reasons and life is going downhill for me. I will always remember wewe all and I will cherish our moments, I may not be the greatest friend but I'm trying my best to be a friend. I may come back one day, I promise.

To my old Marafiki (that is IF anyone comes back)
I suck as a friend I know, but please if anyone comes back please contact me.
I have so much to say, I miss wewe all. ilitumwa miezi 9 iliyopita
sini12 ametoa maoni…
No. Take your time. We understand. :) Have a good life. miezi 9 iliyopita