zumaridi, zamaradi Dawn Rose ( 歩 Ayumu~♡ )

fanpopping tangu June 2013

  • Female, 17 years old
  • ◆::Free 'N Loved::◆, United States of America
  • Favorite TV Show: Noragomi, Steven Universe, Once, Family Guy & Gargantia
    Favorite Movie: Pitch Perfect 2, Divergent, Into the Woods, Wreck It Ralph
    Favorite Musician: :Three Days Grace ♡ Starset ♡ My Darkest Days:
    Favorite Book or Author: {CURRENTLY READING}: Graceling
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ben15delas alinipa heshima za my pop quiz questions
See wewe in 11 months. XD ilitumwa siku 18 zilizopita
LorMel ametoa maoni…
Pretty much siku 12 zilizopita
ben15delas ametoa maoni…
Damn siku 10 zilizopita
ben15delas ametoa maoni…
And messenger see ya siku 7 zilizopita
kingcesar67 alisema …
It's been so long. How have wewe been? ilitumwa siku 19 zilizopita
LorMel ametoa maoni…
Fine you? siku 12 zilizopita
CoolWolf471554 alinipa heshima za my images
Its been forever and memories probably vague. Well just saying hi. ilitumwa siku 24 zilizopita
LorMel ametoa maoni…
Yes I do not remember wewe siku 12 zilizopita
CoolWolf471554 ametoa maoni…
It’s alright. There are people that remember me but I do not remember them. It was way back in 2014 au 2015. We interacted very little. siku 12 zilizopita
LorMel ametoa maoni…
Got it siku 10 zilizopita