Two thousand years of chasing taking its toll.

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  • Female, 24 years old
  • Fifth mduara, duara of Hell
  • Favorite TV Show: Archer \ the Office \ Walking Dead \ Merlin \ the 100 \ Bates Motel \ Parks and Rec \ Malcolm in the Middle \ B99
    Favorite Musician: Years & Years ♫ Crystal Castles ♫ Alt-J ♫ Lana Del Rey ♫ Stromae ♫ BTS ♫ The Pretty Reckless
    Favorite Book or Author: The Handmaid's Tale \ Hunger Games \ Atonement \ Lord of the Flies \ The Road \ Oscar Wilde \ Jane Austen \ William Blake
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Vilabu Vyangu

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GDragon612 alinipa heshima za my answers
OMG Babe!!!!
wewe got my full heart!!!!!!!!!!!and my love❤❤
thank wewe so much for ya so sweet and amaze` compliment!!!
wewe made my day!!!! Now i have a very big smile and blushing in ma face!!!!
and I am very happy wewe upendo it, thats one of the reasons i upendo to write them!!!
and i will write zaidi
Need some time ~ if I have new ones I will onyesha it to wewe !!!❤❤ ilitumwa siku 13 zilizopita
GDragon612 ametoa maoni…
I am at the beginning of rapping and I try to be perfect like August D aka suga❤❤ siku 13 zilizopita
GDragon612 alinipa heshima za my answers
wow beautiful places wewe upendo too visit *.*
traveling is so great
and i am so happy wewe upendo it too❤❤❤❤❤❤

yes i upendo to write and rapping(sing and write)
I can onyesha ya something and If i have the time i will write new rap
hope ya upendo it ❤❤❤❤❤❤ the first is rappphrases/ others poems

link ilitumwa siku 15 zilizopita
GDragon612 ametoa maoni…
linklink siku 15 zilizopita
ImaScrubbyScrub alinipa heshima za my videos
Are these the two Marafiki that wewe came out to au diff? So before I get into this whole Hershey thing, how did reselling the tickets go? Are wewe and Cece good? Has Hershey attempted to talk au apologize to wewe yet (if she did then I'm about to regret everything I'm finna say about her oops). ilitumwa siku 19 zilizopita
ImaScrubbyScrub ametoa maoni…
So after kusoma the issue, wewe have every right to be upset. They need to understand you're not an atm that spews money. I hope you're able to solve the money problem somehow btw cause I know it's aggravating to have just spent that much on Marafiki who bailed and completely disregarded your feelings. That being said, I think Cece could be aliyopewa another chance if you're willing to reconcile once more. Hershey on the other hand just seems like a Lost cause. I've had this problem once before. I was stuck in this mindset that I absolutely had to keep being Marafiki with someone even though they were a complete asshole who downgraded everything I did and destroyed my self confidence siku 19 zilizopita
ImaScrubbyScrub ametoa maoni…
Lesson learned, NEVER FORCE YOURSELF TO BE Marafiki WITH SOMEONE JUST BC wewe HAVE HISTORY. I get it, you've been Marafiki for a long time and wewe don't want to throw away that friendship, and wewe also feel bad for her due to her family life. But if she's completely inconsiderate to your concerns and feelings then she isn't a good friend. kwa no means does being Marafiki with someone for a long time mean that wewe need to continue that friendship for the rest of your life. siku 19 zilizopita
ImaScrubbyScrub ametoa maoni…
Not gonna even sugarcoat it either, what she alisema about the zaidi adventures and experiences is dumb as hell. How is she gonna bail on going to NYC bc it's too expensive then say she wants to have zaidi life experiences? How does she plan on paying for that then? And the fact that she wants to quit with wewe and Cece's dates is dumb af too. If she's willing to bail on wewe like that all the time then she shouldn't be surprised if wewe decide to permanently bail on her. It's your choice of course but personally to me it's not worth it. It seems like a forced relationship if anything, but if you're desperate to keep the friendship then maybe try talking to her about how wewe feel towards her attitude. wewe can see if she actually feels any remorse towards how she acts and choose to keep being her friend au not depending on how she replies. siku 19 zilizopita
ImaScrubbyScrub ametoa maoni…
Oh yeah. About the 'redeeming qualities', I wouldn't give a shit about them if she kept being ignorant to yours (and Cece's) feelings. siku 19 zilizopita