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One of the makala on my to do orodha and I went with this one because I knew it wouldn't take me too long to make it. Anyway this is my personal opinion on the best Disney Princess imba voice and I have a feeling most will disagree with me but that's kind of something I'm used to.

 Peigi Barke
Peigi Barke
It turns out that Merida actually does sing in her movie, well sort of. Young Merida sings Noble Maiden Fair with her mother, which is a beautiful song. Now her voice is nice for a little kid but it can't compare to the other voices obviously. Also sorry to break it to wewe guys but we don't...
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I was looking through my makala and realised I didn't have an makala in which I examined Ariel in depth. I decided to amend that kwa uandishi about a subject it's fun to think about - Ariel's pink dress.

Most mashabiki can agree (I think) that the dress looks quite bad on Ariel. There are several reasons for this: the sleeves are ridiculously puffy and makes her arms look misshapen and the shaping of the skirt, upindo looks... Odd. I just think it's too puffy and big in general.

Another maarufu reason for the dress looking odd is that a red hair/pink dress combo doesn't work:

However, I...
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One of the best things about Disney princess films are their princesses(obviously) and songs. As a singer, muziki lover, and actor, I've always paid close attention to the voices that bring these wonderful characters and songs to life. I am picky about the voices I like but can admit that no princess has a bad voice, some are just much better than others. Share your opinions.
13. Snow White
Let me begin kwa saying that I'm ranking both imba and speaking voices and that even though she's at the bottom, I don't hate Snow White's voice. Let's be honest here, most people find her voice to be annoying....
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I was bored so I decided to write an makala about which princesses look like which greek goddesses, since I'm greek and I upendo the Greek Mythology. Enjoy!

Hera- Jasmine

Firstly, Hera has a serious problem with her temper, like Jasmine.She likes getting revenge and even though we don't see jimmy, hunitumia as revengeful, I believe that if someone hurts her, she won't forget it so easily (besides Aladdin, she forgives him every time, like Hera forgives Zeus). Also, Hera protects women which means she's a feminist, again like Jasmine. Another common, is thei history with their husbands. Zeus...
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Third makala in three days? I have a life..heh...heh..ANYWAYS, I've heard multiple times people calling Elsa complex, but they usually don't give an argument to back that up, so I decided to write this! I've also heard a lot of complaints from Frozen haters asking how Elsa is so complex, so I'm uandishi this for that as well. Anyway let's get started! I hope wewe enjoy! :)

Characteristics of a Complex Character (gotten online):

1. He au she undergoes an important change as the plot unfolds.

2. The changes he au she experiences occur because of his au her actions au experiences in the story.

3. Changes...
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