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Skipper checked the time on his phone again. It was nearly twenty till four o’clock. They should be calling for the plane to board any minute. He looked at the flight board, which still indicated that it’d be on time. He was grateful for the Dibbles that were in his pocket and he anxiously munched on them.

“Now boarding the four-twenty to Bloomington, Illinois at Gate 4,” alisema a voice over the intercom. Skipper didn’t even let her finish before gathering his things and making his way to the gate.

He gave his pass to a woman at the gate (which he’d accidentally gotten Cheezy Dibble...
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posted by peacebaby7
NYC, New York
May 17, 2012 1610 hours

    Throughout the past eight years, Hans hadn’t found Elizabeth. au her son. Elizabeth never remarried, nor had she heard anything of Hans’s whereabouts. She kept her eye on arrested criminals in Denmark, but nothing ever showed up. She just assumed Hans had left Denmark too. She had no worries though. Chances were one in a million that Hans went into hiding in New York City. au so she thought.

    Now she and her son, Ryan, were walking back to their apartment. Elizabeth had just gotten Ryan from what was his last...
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posted by skipperfan5431
It's a dark night in the Central Park Zoo, and Skipper and the guys are patroling the perimiter of the zoo. "Skipper...can we PLEASE go to bed. Everyone's asleep and nothing is going on!" Lilly asked, her eyes nearly shut. Kowalski and Rico were leaned up against the side of the Rhino habitat, falling asleep. "WAKE UP wewe TWO!" Skipper yelled, causing the two penguins to fall over. Lilly, Skipper and Private began to laugh, when suddenly they heard a loud CRASH!!! "Come on!" Skipper ordered, then he slid twoards the dumpster at the back of the zoo.
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posted by skipperfan5431
There are no missions to complete, so the penguins just chill out and have fun! Skipper and Lilly are swimming in the lake in Central Park, havi'n fun, when they hear a shrill scream coming from the lemur habitat. " MORT!" They yell, and they were off.
---....---....---....---....---....---....- THE lemur HABITAT!
Skipper and Lilly arive just in time to see Mort scrunched up in a cute little fluffy ball, crying. " I-I saw things, HORRIBLE THINGS!" The poor little lemur cried. " What did wewe see Mort!?" Skipper asked hastily. " Somebody SHAVED MARLENE!!!" Mort...
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It is nighttime in New York City. Something glows from afar in the trash can. A green cube-like creature jumps out, glowing and growing in little time. It is Jiggles!!!


As the sun rises, morning light shines like a gem in the Central Park Zoo. In the penguin, auk habitat, a large explosion awakes everyone. The explosion lets Kowalski flying in air, landing in the water. Skipper comes outside in rage, while Private and Rico comes out to watch.

"Kowalski! Have wewe been up all night again?" yells Skipper.

Kowalski replies, "Yes Skipper. My...
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posted by skipperluvs
 Kowalski Rawks :) (luks cute in dis pic)
Kowalski Rawks :) (luks cute in dis pic)
S: Skipper; K:Kowalski; P: Private; R: Rico; D: Doris ; M:Marlene ♥ : (love, au kiss)

Skipper is talking to the penguins about a new escape route when skipper notices that kowalski is not paying attention. He just has a blank and depressed look on his face.

S: Kowalski, are wewe alright buddy???

Kowalski doesn’t answer. A dreaded tear falls from his eye and kowalski wipes his cheek. He gets up quietly and goes to sleep.

S: What’s wrong with him???
R: Blahda gada heda blod shishda??? (meaning: what about that old dream machine he invented???)
P: Rico, your right!!! I’ll go get it!!!

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