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posted by peacebaby7
Skipper stood outside Marlene’s habitat for a moment, debating on if it was a good time to make sure she was okay. Everything had happened so fast. He knew she needed her space, but it was also killing him not knowing what was going through her head.

Making his decision, he hopped over her ukuta and cautiously approached her cave. “M-Marlene,” he called softly from the entrance, “it’s Skipper. Permission to enter?”

At first, there was no response. Then, “Yeah. I guess so,” Marlene’s voice replied softly.

Skipper entered and saw Marlene sitting at her dresser, tracing her claw...
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posted by peacebaby7
The inayofuata morning, Antonio arrived at the penguin, auk habitat promptly at noon. The other penguins went on with their duties while Antonio and Skipper sat across from each other at the meza, jedwali in HQ.

“So, what do wewe want to know?” Skipper asked folding his flippers on the table.

“Well, I’m not sure where to begin,” Antonio replied. “I want to know everything,” he alisema wistfully, resting his chin on his fist and closing his eyes. When he opened them, Skipper was staring at him impatiently, with an eyebrow arched. Antonio awkwardly cleared his throat.

“Well,” Skipper started, breaking...
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Here's a characterization sheet I wrote the other siku after seeing the movie. It's helpful for any fanfiction writers who want to use the North Wind in any of their stories.


Name: Classified
Species: Wolf
Expertise: Leader, Mission maker, Boss
Traits: Loyal; Scaredy-cat; Quick to change emotions; Convincing
Other: Doesn't really want to work with the penguins
Wear: Belt


Name: Eva
Species: Snowy Owl
Expertise: Intelligence; Computer Expert
Traits: Doesn't take sarcasm; Serious about job; Loves to fly
Other: Not a scientist; upendo interest: Kowalski
Wear: Headset

 Short Fuse
Short Fuse

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who needs a kauli mbiu when ur someone awesome, like me?

Gender: Male, 26 years old
Country: anywhere i wanna be.
Websites: ur on the only one i got right now.
Favorite TV Show: don't have a tv.
Favorite Movie: still don't have a tv.
Favorite Musician: not big on music.
Favorite Book au Author: don't read much. well, at all, really.

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CommanderSkipper said...
    Rodent? What in the name of Eisenhower's oatmeal are wewe doing on fanpop? How did you...
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posted by King_Clemson
Well, this cames out of boredom. -_-;;
Hope wewe enjoy.
More will coming soon.

1. Your name?

Skipper: My name is Skipper.
Kowalski: I'm the supergenius Kowalski.
Rico: Fiiiish!
Private: Well, his name is Rico. I'm Private.
Hans: Hans. Hans the Puffin. Nice to meet you, Question!
Clemson: Clemson. And soon a king.
Savio: Savio....
Blowhole: I'm the evil dolphin Dr. Blowhole.
Manfredi & Johnson: We are Manfredi and Johnson.
Skipper & Hans: ....What the.

2. Your nickname?

Skipper: Well, some mashabiki call me Skippy. I don't like that.
Kowalski: Koko, Kowa, Kowo, Walski..
Rico: Bombmaster!
Private: Uh...'young...
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Note: Sorry for not posting in awhile this took me a little while. This chapter will be sad at first, but it will get better. Also There will be another chapter after this. Enjoy! :)

Tears ran down Skipper's eyes at the thought it would take a miracle for Private to survive. Kowalski Rico and him hugged.
K: "Believe me, Skipper, I'm doing the best I can, here."
S: "I know,"
Kowalski went into his lab. Nigel had the same reaction as Skipper. Skipper slowly slouched down into the same hole Private had slept in before he had ran away. He noticed Private's Lunacorn, and hugged it as if he could feel...
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posted by Sandrei
 The Fizzy Dizzy Drink
The Fizzy Dizzy Drink
It was a warm, sunny day. Skipper, Rico, Kowalski and Private had spent two hours in the Central Park, fishing, training and playing volleyball. They were now heading towards their HQ. Skipper and Private where carrying a wooden basket with some rests of their chakula supply, while Rico was holding a yellow blanket wrapped over his shoulder. Kowalski was stamping quietly kwa and scribbling something passionately on his notepad without even paying attention to where was he going.
"Kowalskiiii!" remarked Skipper without turning his head. "What exactly did I tell wewe about minding your steps? wewe should...
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posted by skipperluvs
Note: This is my first Koico, Rowalski, Kico...whatever you'd like to call it. It is in Rico's point of view.

I watched him as he sat there, lonely as always. He never really seemed to care whether he had such company au not. Very careless indeed. I enjoyed to have him around all the time, he was a like a best friend to me...but there were times that I doubted our friendship. I didn't think that he didn't like me au something around that area, I just sometimes felt really close to him. Too close, I believe. Almost like brothers. Sometimes I felt even closer than that. I always wondered how...
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posted by midnightangel88
 private: mom (hugs mom)
private: mom (hugs mom)
private: hujambo guys whats up
kowalski: nothing much wewe have any nines
rico: nuh go samaki (eats fish)
skipper: private we got a letter in the mail for wewe
private: really skippah (grabs letter)
dear private
i am coming for a visit today wewe may not remember me cause wewe were just a baby boy bu be on your best behavior before i get there
upendo melody (mom)
private: my mothers coming for ah visit todah
private: mom (hugs mom)
melody: private my sweet little boy look how big you've grown (looks at shocked penguins in the back)
skipper: what the heck is going on here
to be continued
Five Years Later

“Are wewe nervous?” Laura asked as she adjusted Harold’s cap.

“Nah,” Harold answered with a smile. Laura crossed her arms and gave him a look. “Okay, fine!” Harold admitted. “Maybe a little.”

Laura smiled.

“You’ll do fine. Now, go! They’re waiting for you,” she alisema ushering him toward the stage.

“And now,” alisema a man at the podium, “our August Martin High School valedictorian of 2020, Harold Chance!”

Harold smiled and waved at the audience in the auditorium as they applauded.

“Thank you, everyone,” he alisema into the microphone. The audience silenced...
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Eight Months Later

Kowalski woke with a yawn and hopped down from the juu bunk. He slugged his way over to the coffee machine to start Skipper’s brew when he realized it’d already been made. Suddenly alert, he turned to see Skipper’s bunk empty and a faint light coming from under his lab door. He gently pushed it open and peered in.

Skipper was facing away from him at the parallel bars Rico had built for him when he’d finally stood up from his wheelchair two weeks ago. So far, he hadn’t been able to do much but stand and pivot, but Skipper kept swearing he could feel in his gut that...
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“No, Mort! wewe are so stupid-y! wewe can not just hop right in front of me like that when I am shaking my money-maker!” Julien snapped at the small lemur.

“But I wanted to shake my money-maker, too!” Mort protested.

“No! wewe do not have a money-maker! Only the king has the maker of the money,” Julien insisted as he dusted off his crown. “Also, I—”

“King Julien!” Maurice interrupted from the sidelines.

“Maurice!” Julien alisema angrily. “How dare wewe interrupt me when I am ranting!”

“Just look!” Maurice alisema pointing to the penguins’ habitat across the way.

Julien followed...
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posted by TheRatKing1

“The dolphin Who Hired Me”

“The Penguins of Madagascar”

Season 4, Episode 6 (4X06)

Production Code: 406

Air date: ?

Previous: “It Happened One Afternoon” Next: “Crazy Old Cat Lady”

*Note: This episode is set in the time between “The Hoboken Surprise”, “The Return of the Revenge of Dr. Blowhole”, and ends after the events of “The penguin, auk Who Loved Me”

Scene I: The Platypus Habitat

(Three Years Ago) (Night Time)

(Camera zooms in on Parker in his habitat, leaning on one elbow, half in the water, and half out)

Parker: (Sighs dramatically) I hate Seaville! No freedom, no privacy....
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posted by spmana123
It was a typical siku at the zoo....and Skipper and the others were sitting in thier lair...bored..kowlaski was testing out an experiment..Rico was the Test subject as usual..and private was watching the lunacorn episode...while skipper sat and enjoyed his was a normal siku for the penguins...

Kowlaksi: ugh, I'm so bored!

Rico: "agrees with kowlaksi"

Skipper: soldiers! I know it's not that entertaining of a day....

Private: hey! Quiet! The episodes new!

Suddenly, skipper had an idea for the two...let them run a errand..

Skipper: kowlaksi! Rico! I need wewe two to he tis snowcones! On the...
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posted by peacebaby7


This isn't happening.

It's all a dream.

It's all a horrible nightmare that will soon be awaken from and everything will be back to normal.

The lights were turned back on and Leonard looked around at the faces of the other zoo animals. He was expecting shock, au anger, au maybe a combination of both. But instead he saw frightened expressions. All of them were afraid of him now? He thought about the amount of residue that showed up on his paws. How did that get there? It was impossible! How was that dog doing this? Once again the bunny hopped through his memory. He was small, so sneaking...
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Petting Zoo

There was a fight going on. The Blue Hen was thawed out faster than Steve Rogers and challenged Kowalski to a fight of brains and brawns. The whole zoo was able to watch while Alice was kept busy.
When the fight was going on, as much as Kowalski tried to prevent it, he was getting beaten in places that a penguin, auk didn't want to get beaten. It was a horrifying sight, but the most horrified was Monique, she even tried to keep herself from crying.
When Monique called a time out, the Blue Hen turned around feeling pretty confident about a possible victory.
"Seems like she's still expecting...
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---Skipper's mission---
He heard Private's blood curtling scream. Terror filled the leader's body. "Private! Where are you!? Private!"
He raced in the direction he heard his scream. Finally he reached the alley. His eyes immediately met Private's feathers on the ground. The bold leader, feeling ashamed and sorrowful, wept. Little did he know that some one was sneaking up behind him.

After a dangerous mission the penguins decided it was best if baby Private got a new home. Finally they found Private a family who wanted to adopt him. Skipper never wanted to let him go. All of the...
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The penguins finally made it to JFK International. As they suspected, the power was out. It wasn't hard to sneak through the airport with the civilians distracted with panic, crying children, and others who were demanding their money back for the plane tickets that they obviously couldn't use anymore. Once they made it to the shoreline, Skipper gave the orders. "Okay men! We go in two man teams! Kowalski! wewe and Rico scope out the-" Chink! "What was that?" Kowalski's eyes widened. "Skipper! Behind yo-"

It was too late. The small object that had fallen behind Skipper erupted, a white gas released...
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posted by chaos-ice
Skipper stood up and went to Private. “Wake up soldier” He slaps Private on the face and Private is now conscious. “Boys get up on your feet. We got some work to do.” The penguins slide their way outside and went to the HQ.

There they saw Kowalski holding his uncompleted Life Generating Device. They tried to stop him from getting away. While the others are fighting, Skipper noticed a piece of paper on the ground; it’s the same paper Kowalski is holding a while ago. He picked up the paper and read it. He was shocked when he read the content of the paper; it’s a letter from Dr. Blowhole...
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posted by Katie_Kat200
This was a maarufu fan-fic over at Fan-fiction. Until I accidently deleted it. DX So... anyway! Someone in this fan-fic gets a sugar rush. And its not Skipper. Its Kowalski! Yay! But this is the first part of the first chapter. This is kind of a two chapter one shot with an epilogue. If that's even possible. So I'll shut up and wewe just read :)

The hush of dawn whispered out onto the Central Park Zoo. Most of the wanyama were still asleep. But not Skipper and his crew. The penguins had been awake...
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