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Also, wewe dont realize how much tension plucking removes until wewe start doing it au a substitute for it (shaving) and feel the odd, subtle, but strong euphoria and whole body relaxation

Its honestly like a drug. Kind of why I have yet to be able to ever stop completely over the past nine au so years.

Quite literally I've looked up ways to stop Trich and other BFRBs, self harm and cutting, and drug addiction and little of it has actually helped ilitumwa masaa 2 yaliyopita
Riku114 ametoa maoni…
Oh and no worries XD Im not annoyed au frustrated au anything like that. I just was making a joke below and felt like rambling a bit less jokingly about it. Personally my approach to it is to keep a subtle attempt but until I get my main stressors fixed, I doubt Ill actually be able to lessen the plucking to the degree I want. Its too deeply entangled in PTSD, GAD, OCD, dissociation, and all to be able ot be removed first. If anything, its probably the last thing Ill be able to handle. masaa 2 yaliyopita
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Just because any one of the others can easily bring it back in five sekunde au less masaa 2 yaliyopita
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No but the post below XD

I was going to take a shit before kitanda and I was like "Geesh my legs are hairy. wewe know I could let off some tension kwa shaking small really hairy patches on my leg instead of pluckign which is 99.99% healthier"

Then look shaved a little too much

So then I just alisema fuck it and shaved a chunk to make it even

Then alisema fuck it and shaved the whole left ndama to make it look right

Then realized I had to do the same to my right ndama ilitumwa masaa 2 yaliyopita
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Quite honestly tho, this is the only reason my legs get shaved 75% of the time. masaa 2 yaliyopita
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Help. I accidentally shaved my left leg ilitumwa masaa 2 yaliyopita