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  • Favorite TV Show: Twilight Zone, Doctor Who, Teen Titans, Steven Universe,
    Favorite Movie: The Neverending Story, The Wizard of Oz, horror.
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    Favorite Book or Author: aSoIaF, Little Women, The Neverending Story, The Secret Garden, A Little Princess, Robin McKinley's work.
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A standing ovation for this comment: ilitumwa miezi 4 iliyopita
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I'll be glad when we get through this pandemic. They've apparently shut down domestic travel between Canada and the US, so I can't visit my fiancé this May. We haven't spent any time together since Nov. I just hope he can get his money back since he bought my ticket. I'm also beyond sick of the hysteria. I work in a store and people onyesha no common sense at all, hoarding supplies instead of just washing their hands and covering their mouths. Hope everyone else is ok! ilitumwa miezi 6 iliyopita
deedragongirl ametoa maoni…
Malaysia is even worse, it was extremely crowded at the supermarkets before the Movement Restriction order that started yesterday until the 31st of March. miezi 6 iliyopita
pendragon73 ametoa maoni…
Do wewe take requests for Disney snow white can wewe make my oc dating snow White's father the King mwezi moja 1 uliopita
AudreyFreak ametoa maoni…
^sorry, I don't know what wewe mean? mwezi moja 1 uliopita
AudreyFreak ametoa maoni…
Lavender being as irrelevant as that guy's comment. siku 4 zilizopita
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Thank wewe for your maoni on my She-Ra polls. Your profaili image is awesome. ilitumwa miezi 8 iliyopita