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posted by Rainflowers
**At White Horse**

Helia: I can't belive that Flora's been gone for a month!

Bloom: But she is coming back today from her mission.

Stella: I'm so excited about her coming back!

Musa: Yah, she should be here any dakika actully!

*Flora walks in*

Flora hujambo wewe guys . . .

Bloom: Flora! . . . um what happen to your hair and clothes??

Flora: wewe like it?? It's may new look!!!!!

Stella: It looks like a witch threw up on you?!

Flora: Yea, well that what happens when ever the only people wewe can hang out with are witches!! Don't like it, don't be my friend I don't care!!

*Flora stroms off*

Helia: What happen to Flora?!

Bloom: Who knows . . . maybe I should go talk to her . . .

Helia: No it's okay, I'll do it

To be contuined . . . .
posted by Winxlove
 Bloom has released her Dragon from inside to defeat Trix
Bloom has released her Dragon from inside to defeat Trix
Hey!As I ilitumwa the song lyrics "Mean Girls" I will post now the song lyrics of "Magical Bloom".
It's of season 1,and the problem it's that it's very short...but anyway,this song is very beautiful!Here are the lyrics!



Magical Bloom,
wewe live on in my heart,
When wewe be found to,
Thus strike our heart,
You'll be the heart,
On the secret and wewe know,
Yes wewe know how the dreamin' side u,
Bless and see, and now i'm fond to find out everything wewe are,

P.S:This is a song for Bloom.

See wewe very soon with another song!
 Magical Bloom
Magical Bloom
posted by yasmin124
Flora. bye winx i hate wewe
Icy . i heard wewe say wewe hate the winx so do we
Flora, cool can i jiunge you
Icy . of course wewe can
Flora . thanks Icy your the best
Icy . no we are the best kwa the way meet Charlotte
Flora . ok
Charlotte . wewe must be Flora hi im Charlotte
Flora . yes im Flora nice to meet wewe im joining your gang

Charlotte . cool
Flora . very cool
Charlotte we can take over the world mu ha ha
Flora . i agrre
Icy . me 2
Darcy . me 3
Stormy . me 4
Valtor . enough with the jokes
Flora . yes sir

Flora. come on guys let hurt the winx and take over Linfia
Icy . yeah
Bloom . weres Flora
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The Princess Bride

It’s probably my biggest day. I am scared...or excited? I don’t know, I just can’t explain. Am I ready? I am little confused but I shouldn’t right? I know wewe might be thinking what exactly I am speaking. I guess I can explain that in a better way.

“Why haven’t wewe worn your dress yet?” Mom asked

“I think...I am not sure if I should wear it Mommy, it looks little dull” I replied anxiously.
“Dull? Oh! wewe have selected this dress haven’t you? And now you’re complaining? I don’t want any kind of drama Flora. wewe need to be ready right now and if you...
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posted by yasmin124
Flora . thanks
Ella it's ok
Charlotte .. that girl what's her name
Charlotte . who are wewe
Icy. im Icy
Charlotte. hi Icy do wewe know who this girl is
Icy . yes her name is Flora from 6 vichimbakazi named winx

Charlotte . i got a idea we should embarrass Flora

Icy . that's a great idea meet my sisters Darcy and Stormy

Stormy . hi im Stormy
Darcy. and im Darcy

Charlotte . im planning on to embarrass Flora

Trix . good idea
Flora . wait let me call Helia

Helia. hi Flora
Flora . would wewe like to be in my interview
Helia. yes thanks Flora
Flora . im ready Ella
Ella. ok
Flora .. this is Helia i upendo him so...
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posted by Princess-Flora

I saw my sister. She looked like she was in pain. As I walked over to her, she fell to her knees still clenching her side. I ran to her side and looked at her side. Blood was oozing out of a small hole. I told Helia quick we need to get her back to Ms. Faragonda. Once he picked her up, I used my magic to slow down the amount of blood leaving her body at once. The two of us rode as fast as we could on our farasi until we reached the cabin. I went ahead to get Ms. Faragonda. At the cabin, kibanda Ms. Faragonda alisema we had to get her back to the ngome because her magic could not fix this. I nodded...
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Darcy stared blankly at her sister for a lingering dakika au two. Both speaking one word. Just the sound of Icy's semi-erratic breathing. At last Darcy spoke. "Of course I care how wewe feel, I just don't want wewe to do something you'll..."

Icy cut her off "I'll what? Regret? Already have. Numerous times. What's another thing to the list?"

"You've never killed someone before." Darcy looked to the floor.

"It's not even alive." Icy's voice doubled in volume.

"Not yet, but he au she will be." Darcy looked back into her sister's eyes.

"Yes. It will be. And it will only serve to remind me of it's father....
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posted by tecna535
 Stella Bloomix
Stella Bloomix
Princess Stella is the princess of Solaria and one of the founding members of the Winx Club. Stella is the keeper of the Ring of Solaria and she is the Guardian Fairy of the Shining Sun, Moon and Stars. She is the sekunde Winx girl to be introduced, the first being Bloom.

Voice Actors

Perla Liberatori (Original/Italian)
Jennifer Seguin (Season 1 - 4), Valentina Carnelutti (Movie 1's trailer) (Rai English)

Amy Birnbaum (4Kids)

Amy Gross (Nickelodeon)


August 18 (Original)
August 10 (4Kids)


Valeria (Winx Club: Quest for the Codex)
"Sorrow´s sound, it swirls all about wewe dry fallen leaves that rise like a wingu time is a torch in a field of Lost faces kissed kwa the mist, wewe kneel on the ground."

For the longest of time all Tecna knew was Did a world without technology even exist? Until she ventured out of Zeinth she hadn't known one. Until she found her way--with the winx--to Limphia she'd never even heard of a realm completely free of technology. And strangely Tecna wanted to see zaidi of the worlds without Technology. These thoughts were irrational, illogical she knew such, but she also knew that...
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So, since Princess-Flora, XxLalasaysxX and SummerThunder want me to continue, I'll do. Thanks to wewe guys :)! So, here's Chapter Two;

Note: there won't be a 'what happened'-part, so here begins the story!
???:Flora, Flora! Wake up!
Flora: Huh, what?
Layla/Aisha: It was only a nightmare.
Flora: Did I scream that loud?
Layla/Aisha: Nah, I woke up 'cause I was thirsty and saw wewe turning and turning in your bed.
Flora: Glad I didn't scream. (gives her friend a small smile)
Layla/Aisha: wewe wanna talk about it? au wanna have some water?
Flora: Water is fine. But (when Layla/Aisha got up) I can get it myself....
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-----outside p.o.v
On Linphea
Flora sat on her balcony with Helia, they sat in silence enjoying the morning since it was starting to warm up with March being here in a few days. Although she didn’t onyesha it she missed her Marafiki dearly after their fallout last mwaka once they found out Eric was behind it all. The only other time she saw the girls was her coronation after the King and Queen of Linphea adopted her sister and brothers. Helia just looked at her because he could tell something was wrong, but something deep inside him told him that if she wanted to speak right now she would tell him,...
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So here's my new fanfic! I guess I'll continue, but I'm not sure. Otherwise I'll write a whole new story :) But for now: enjoy!

Flora stood on the square of Alfea. She saw her Marafiki the Winx and ran to them.
Flora: Hello guys!
Others: Hello Flo....
Stella: Your eyes.... They're pink!
Bloom: But that means you're a witch!
Flora: No, no! That can't be!
Others (start laughing): Flora's a witch! Flora's a witch!
Flora turned around and she saw Helia standing there.
Helia: Is it true?
One look on her eyes was enough. He was deeply hurt, wewe could see it in his eyes. He turned around and walked away.
Flora: Helia!
She ran after him, but he got further and further away....

So, this was it already. Maybe I'm going to continue, maybe I won't. So, see ya inayofuata time!
posted by XxXFloraXxX
Since I don't have inspiration for a prologue, I won't write one, soooo here's chapter one!

In Linphea's palace (the Winx and Specialists already left, but Flora needed to speak to her dad):
Flora: Dad?
King Thomnium: Yes, darling?
Flora: Why is it suddenly peace between Sophia and Linphea?
King Thomnium: Yes, that's something we need to talk about...
Flora: Hah? What do wewe mean kwa that?
King Thomnium: Flora, you're... engaged...
Flora: Wait... What?!
King Thomnium: Yeah, it's a long story... (yeah, very long, so I won't tell it now ;-)
Flora: Uhhh... I'm not going to marry a stranger!!
King Thomnium:...
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posted by Princess-Flora
So I was wondering what the origin of the names is for the characters. I looked each name up and here is there origins and meanings. Also if it's says feminine it's typically a girls name and if masculine it's typically a guys name.
Bloom: means flowering state, like the new maua, ua just started to bloom.
Flora: it's origin is Latin and the root word is flos meaning flower. Flora was also the Roman goddess of flowers and spring. It also has been a name dating back to the Renaissance in France. Feminine
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posted by Princess-Flora
Layla versus Lord Darkar
Lord Darkar: well isn’t my inayopendelewa person (said with a plethora of sarcasm)
Layla: good to know I’m yours but wewe are far from being my inayopendelewa person. (Said with the same amount of sarcasm)
Lord Darkar: good we’re on the same page (looks toward the forest)
Layla: take this MORPHIX TIDAL WAVE!
Lord Darkar: (sends a beam of dark magic her way)
Layla: (ducks out of the way) thirteenth seal
Darkar is hit and down motionless on the ground
Layla: (looking down at the dead body) One for good, zip for evil. There is one down, which means ten to go.
posted by Princess-Flora
Chapter 6
Previously in chapter 5
Bloom: not really, but I guess were going to have to face it one way au another.
Ms. Faragonda: when the eleven of wewe get back we will talk; but for now try to look on the bright side and I will continue to update you.
Bloom: thank wewe Ms. Faragonda. (Ends the call and everyone looks at her)
Back at Alfea: Ms. Faragonda, Griselda, Professor Saladin, Cordatorta, Ms. Griffin, two police officers and a person in a black hoodie, jeans, and Converse sneakers are in Ms. Faragonda’s office talking.
Ms. Faragonda: I believe they...
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posted by Princess-Flora
For the first time I think in all of the seasons, we actually saw a softer and less confident side of Stella. It was actually nice to see that see can have her moments of insecurity just like the rest of them. Also we actually got to see zaidi of Stella's mom and it would be the first time for some people who did not see The nightmare monster, were we saw both of Stella's parents and her about their divorce. I now feel like zaidi people will like Stella even zaidi now after this episode. Now switching topics I loved their simulation outfits, they were mature and onyesha that the girls own some clothes...
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posted by nmdis
Here it is....


◘Power Jazz
◘Plasma World
◘Plasma Burst
◘Iridescent Flame
◘Aquarian Currents
◘Plasma World
◘Rising Tide

◘Super-Powered Morphix
◘Plasma Magic Bolt
◘Enchantix Morphix
◘Morphix Attack
◘Morphix Surfboard
◘Morphix Shield
◘Enchantix Bolt
◘Enchantix Plasma
◘Pure Enchanted Morphix
◘Enchanted Morphix
◘Morphix Surface
◘Plasma Magic Ball

◘Morphix Tidal Wave
◘Andros Hurricane
◘Morphix Wave
◘Plasma Wall
◘Plasma Barrier
◘Spirit of Courage
◘Glacier Gush
◘Morphix Blaste.
◘Plasma Board
◘Underwater Breath
◘Morphix Staff
◘Morphix Net

◘Vital Beat

◘Hail Rain

◘Power Whirl
◘13th Seal
◘Mystic Wrap
"Hello!" cried a cheery female voice.
Stella, Flora, Layla, Tecna, and the Specialists all jumped.
The voice sounded young and youthful. Whoever the chanzo of the voice was, she couldn't be any older than Roxy.
"I've been waiting for wewe for a long time."
Stella put her middle and index fingers together, ready to kuvuka, msalaba them over her head and transform in case this person was one of the Trix in disguise.
"Who are you?" she called out.
"Why do you need to know?" the voice snapped back in an irritated tone.
"Are wewe going to hurt us?" Layla shouted.
"Why would I do that? wewe know what, don't answer...
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posted by Jekyde
In a large, pitch-black room, an elderly woman sat at her desk, looking at several papers. She picked one up with her pale, bony fingers and let her eyes wander across it from behind her spectacles.

"No," she whispered to herself. "This just doesn't seem right. It's all uneven. Terribly unbalanced..."

All of a sudden, a man burst through a door, allowing light to flow into it. He wore a suit, and a confident smile on his face. The man strode in gallantly, and pulled the pipe out of his mouth.

"Hey, darlin'," the man placed his elbow on the edge of the woman's desk. "How's the balance been recently?"...
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