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posted by socute4u
 Saying goodbye
Saying goodbye
this story, the winx go on a vacation for the summer. Where? To Hawaii!
"Oooh i cant wait! Wait, where are we going again?" Asked stella.
"My parents alisema we can come to earth for a nice vacation for the summer, stella" alisema bloom.
"Where on earth?" Asked stella
"Hawaii" alisema bloom
"Hawaii?" Asked flora
"Hawaii" alisema bloom
"What's Hawaii?" Asked flora
"We'll, its a big maarufu island, very beutiful" alisema bloom
"Island?" Asked Aisha( i call her that )
"Yes, im sure your familiar with it. It has a big ocean seas and bright sun" alisema bloom
"Cool" alisema Aisha
the winx pack up there stuff and get ready for...
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posted by summergreen
[Helia drives up to Flora after she sees the painting of him and her to apologize for kissing Admeral]
Helia: I am so happy wewe texted. wewe look amazing today…. Did wewe like it? ….. Please say something.
Flora: wewe ruined everything.
Helia: I know.
Flora: No, wewe don’t know. wewe ruined us! wewe ruined every other relationship I will ever have. How am I supposed to fall for someone else when you, do things like that!
Helia: I don’t want wewe to fall for anyone else.
Flora: But I need to…. Because I can’t be with you.
Helia: We were bigger than my one mistake. We are bigger.
Flora: No, no you...
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 The Winx and The Specialists talking
The Winx and The Specialists talking
So I had that idee and I made a pick .I see some mashabiki agree so I made it .Sorry if it to long .Sorry if it's not good

At the beginning were the winx in their believix fairy form trying to promote their tamasha .Bloom was with her dragon fire. Then Layla made some morphix bubbles ,I think.Then she jumped on them and the crown cheered. I don’t really find it necessary to jump on them . Then flora flew over the crown making some flowers. Musa made some muziki and Tecna was recording all of it. I don’t really understand why. Then bloom send her dragon moto encircles the crowd and flew back...
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posted by naturefairy777
Please coment!!!! i am new here.....
Musa: STELLA!!! HURRY UP!!!!!!
Bloom: (jumping up and down)The boys are here!!! Stella: WHAT!!!! I'M NOT FINISH YET
Layla: (whispering to Flora) late again....
(Flora giggle)
Tecna: this is ilogical !!!
15 dakika later....
All except Stella: at last....
Stella: what??
Musa: wewe was late....again
Stella: beauty need time darling
Musa: too much time...
Stella: HEY!!!!
Layla: hey,no zaidi fighting guys
Bloom: come on ! The boys are waiting
(Everyone run except Stella)
Stella: hujambo !!! WAIT FOR ME !!!
Tecna: come on Stella
Flora: uh....

The boys

Riven: ugh....where...
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A gigantic purple orb the size of four basketballs appeared in front of Musa at her command.
"Mega sonic burst!" The orb exploded against Moonless Night and the wingu shivered wildly. Weak bolts of lightning pulsed and crackled as violet waves reverberated in the air, disintegrating dark gray puffs of cloud.
"Shockwave crash!" Musa sent two tunnels of violet rings on a collision course spiraling into the cloud. The spell knocked it several yards backward. Red and purple sparks dropped into the sea, disappearing as they touched the water's surface.
Musa kept firing the unbelievably powerful...
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posted by Flora_xx
Previously on Decisions....

A fairly short girl with medium length black hair, dark brown eyes and blood red lips stepped into the room.

"Hello Helia"

Helia gasped, he couldn't believe his eyes, she was...she was...

"You're the princess!"


"Yes honey, she is the princess"

"The princess of Sondia to be exact!" Harold (Helia's father) pointed out

"You got me engaged with the princess of Sondia? Our realm's princess?" Helia was speechless

"That's me" Acacia replied "Why don't we go on a walk to get to know...
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posted by socute4u
At there room tecna and the winx explains what happened.
"what did he say tecna!" asked Stella.
"your uh...*sniff* uh..*sniff*" tecna couldn't talk, she was too busy crying her eyes out.
"your uh, Ugly idiot" alisema tecna.
Saying it throught her own mouth made her cry harder.
"why is Timmy so like this?" Asked Musa.
"he is under a spell, a very dark one"said bloom.
"Ofcourse!" yelled tecna popping up.
"we have to go save him, but who would do it?" asked flora.
"the Trix" alisema bloom.
"errrrgggg, I am tired of them! When will they learn to back off!" yelled Musa.
"calm down Musa, we are not sure THEY did...
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posted by Flora_xx
 Will Helia's parents be accepting?
Will Helia's parents be accepting?
SO SORRY IT'S SO LATE! I've been on holiday for the past week! I know what you're thinking, excuses, excuses....
Previously Helia asked Flora to meet his parents but he was nervous cuz his parents are really strict....


In the squad ship

"So Helia, what's Sondia (I made that up) like?" Stella asked "Any good shopping malls?"

Helia chuckled at her question. We're on our way to one of the most biggest realms in the universe of Magix and all she can think of is shopping, typical Stella he thought. Brandon seemed to be thinking the same thing.

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posted by LoveBloom
Bloom sat near a window inside upendo and Pet, her and her Marafiki business and home. She looked at the sky. There where footsteps, Bloom turned to see a sleepy Stella flashlight at hand. "Hey what are wewe doing up so late? And why is it so dark?"

"Hey Stel, I didn't want to turn on a light to wake wewe girls." Bloom moved her legs so her friend could set beside her. Stella took a spot beside her and glanced up at the starry night.

"Sure is a beautiful night," Stella began hoping her friend would answer, but she didn't. "You okay Bloom?"

Bloom pulled her eyes and attention away from the sky and onto...
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posted by Johnny0801
A cold wind swept the windows open.A furious looking Fira would always look up and say "Good practicing Aria,keep it until wewe destroy my window.".She always infuriates when the window always open with the cold gale wind.She just want to lock up her younger sister,Aria,at the dungeon because of the winds that kept opening the window.
Well,Fira's room is located up right inayofuata to the arena.She would call Bloom to arrange stuff in their palace.But that acts trailed off when she thinks that she is making Bloom a little maid.So sometimes when Aria is not practicing,she would practice her moto antics,too.And she was enrolled at Alfea and was scheduled to be in the same room with Aria.
Rumors started grumbling all around Firenix,the planet where she lives,that she tortures her little sister while no one was watching.And liked to keep it that way.

"Stella, regret it!" shouts Flora. Stella blasts to Flora." Plasma Warp!" blasts Layla. Stella's spell didn't work. "Yes!" cheers Tecna. Bloom slowly gets up and flies to the others. "Stella, regret it!" shouts Bloom.
Stella didn't listen. She still thinks the Winx hate her. Then, Bloom realizes the only way to stop this is to apologize to Stella. Musa realized if they didn't blame her for everything that happened, this wouldn't happened. And finally, Stella realizes it's cruel to seek revenge.
Flora slowly walks to Stella. "Regret it, Stella,"...
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musa: riven??? what..what happened?
riven: wewe touched a bug and now wewe are here
musa: oh ok
bloom and the girls: musa!!!!!!!! wewe woke up!!
musa: what happened to me?
tecna: wewe touched a power lone bug
musa: what's that?
tecna: its a bug that helps wewe get powerful powers
shy:bloom look out!!!!
[bloom looked out the window]
bloom: the trix's!!!!!! girls enchantix!!!
stella: lets go i want to onyesha them a part of me!!!
[bloom use drangon flame]
musa: my turn
[ musa use sonic wave but it was zaidi powerful]
flora: musa look out!!!!
[flora use giant nettles]
[musa use sonic wave that hit a building and hurt all of the people]
bloom: musa stop it musa!!!!
[the girls and the boys tried to stop musa]
riven: musa stop it!!!
[musa stoped and felled but riven got her]
riven: musa what happened to wewe
[musa looked like this]
posted by Flora_xx
 All except Roxy are in Amazonia
All except Roxy are in Amazonia
Last time, Miss. Faragonda had a mission for Flora, Layla and Musa. They were to visit Lady Diana and find out what she wanted to tell them but when Diana appeared in front of them, she told her guards to take them to the dungeon but first we will check up on the others...

In Amazonia

Tecna: I upendo my compute and gadgets but it's nice to enjoy nature once in a while!

Bloom: I agree Tecna!

Stella: Hmph! This humididty makes my hair go all frizzy!

Bloom: Stella!

Stella: Huh? Oh! yeah I loved our sophix powers! We looked ah-may-zing! Plus having the bond with nature felt great!

Tecna: Yeah, when I rethink...
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lose your eyes
And open your heart
Believe in yourself
That's how it starts
Dreams will come true
Just wait and see
Cause the magic's in you
And the magic's in me

We are the winx
We are the winx
Come jiunge the club
We are the winx
We are the winx
We are the winx
Come jiunge the club
We are the winx

Magical flowers
Digital Powers
Rhythms and tunes
The sun and the moon
Keep on searching far and wide for
The moto burning deep inside

We got the style
And we got the flare
Look all wewe want
Just don't touch the hair

We are the winx
We are the winx
Come jiunge the club
We are the winx
We are the winx
We are the winx
Come jiunge the club
We are the winx!
posted by FloraBoricua
Previous Chapter: Flora was going to the village when someone blindfolded her with that person's hands. It turns out to be Chatta and Layla. They wanted an explication of what happened between Helia and her. They went to Flora's house and Rose and Chatta became friends. When Layla, Chatta and Rose were at the Magical Garden, Flora had some unexpected visits; Helia and Karel.

"uuum... guys, don't fight" Flora alisema looking at the floor in embarrassment. "Helia this is Karel, Karel this is Helia" she presented them. Helia and Karel were looking at each other with an intensity in their eyes. If...
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posted by FloraBoricua
awali Chapter: After Helia leaved Flora, Flora went to walk outside and was very sad about the situation that had just happened. She sat below a mti and almost got to sleep when someone appeared and called her name. It was Karel, someone from the past. After almost kissed, Flora decided to go to her house cause it was late, Karel accompany her. When they finally got there, she alisema goodbye and after being with Karel, she started thinking about him. Then, she founds her sister waiting for her worried in the living room. What Rose has to say?

Flora stood there for a moment thinking about...
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posted by missdada15
TRIX Back-story (judging on the personality and some facts.)

This makala doesn't prove anything,it's just based on opinion and it came to be because of my curiosity of psihology.

Yes,i do know the characters are made up but they still have something that makes them pretty ¨real¨(Something that makes them act different then other people-personaliy.)

We all know the back-story au atleast we can put it together kwa seeing,hearing something of the winx 's family.

What do we know about the Trix?

Not much but here is some info:

-Icy's nickname was scoop icy.(Because she ate to many ice-cream)
-Darcy used...
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posted by Rainflowers
Okay, I felt bad about not finishing this story, so here it is the end of Personality! I had a lot of fun uandishi this story and I’m sorry it took me so long to finish. :) Hope wewe enjoy this! ~ RainFlowers

Previously on Personality . . .

Tecna gasped as she read the note, causing her Marafiki to come and look over her shoulder. Layla was the only one who didn’t start to cry, instead she stated, “We need to find Flora.”

Now on Personality . . .

Flora ran as fast as she could through the dark forest. “Try and Catch me Kembal!” She yelled over her shoulder to the evil wizard chasing...
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posted by FloraBoricua
Standing out on the balcony she was looking at the beautiful view Alfea had. She instantly wondered if this was the most beautiful view there was, and for her, yes it was. The sky was lit kwa the splendor of the moon, spreading out like the sea. The moon went up high in the sky, and nowhere did it abide; Softly she was going up, and a nyota au two beside. -Beautiful- She thought as her delicate hands covered her mouth from a yawn. It was late, and time to go to sleep but she just couldn't take her eyes off the beautiful scenery. She walked into the room and found her friend sleeping. She yawned...
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posted by FloraBoricua
The inayofuata siku at Alfea in Winx room

Stella: I miss Flora
Every girl: Me too
Layla: I just can't be here and think that we don't know if Flora is coming back after we told her that things back in Amazonia, and the news about Diana being her mother and Helia getting married
Tecna: But, what we can do? We don't have any clue of her where to be
Bloom: Your right. I just hope she's okay
-every girl nodded-
-Diana suddenly appeared-
Diana: I know how we can know about Flora
-Every girl jumped from where they were sitting-
Bloom: How?
Diana: I'm the Fairy of Nature
-Then Stella continue talking-
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